FARC-EP: Colombia Can Not Lend Itself to a Foreign Intervention Against Venezuela

https://i0.wp.com/www.farc-ep.co/media/k2/items/cache/3f2be57d56ca17f389e400f1f6af22c4_XL.jpgThe political, diplomatic, economic, social and military siege aimed at destabilizing and overthrowing the legitimate government of President Nicolás Maduro and reversing the Bolivarian Revolution, resorting to whatever means are within its reach; it is a matter that the Venezuelan national extreme right, its allies abroad and the empire itself can not deny.

What is truly tragic about this situation is that governments and the Colombian State have been taking sides in favor of a military intervention in Venezuela, the  repercussions towards the continent and especially our country, will not be long in coming, along with the burden of death and desolation that this would imply.

In the presence of the so-called White Helmets on the border with the brother country, the first-class treatment given by the Colombian government to conspirators and provocateurs, the deliberations to pass judgment and condemn President Maduro, by such a “Supreme Court of Justice” of “Venezuelans in exile”,  which operates in the National Capitol without the public authorities doing anything to prevent the violation of IHL and the most elementary norms of international diplomacy; now the presentation to the Senate of a bellicose bill, presented by Rodrigo Lara, is added : ” through which activities and criminal operations are prevented and confronted in Colombian territory by the Venezuelan regime and other provisions are issued “, which it is a profoundly unfriendly gesture against a brotherly country and establishes us as an aggressor country.

While we condemn and denounce these grotesque maneuvers, we alert our people, the progressive and democratic peoples and governments of Latin America, the Caribbean and the world, not to allow more interference with sovereign Venezuela.

Colombia can not lend itself to a foreign intervention against Venezuela. Our continent is a zone of peace and we must not allow ourselves to be deprived of that right.

National Political Council, Alternative Revolutionary Common Force, FARC

Bogotá, August 23, 2018

Translation by Internationalist 360°