Recolonization of America: The Taking of Nicaragua. NGOs and the Fourth Generation War

Pablo Heraklio
Translated by Internationalist 360°

Nicaragua is the new objective of the classic style of color revolutions, the application of XXI century war strategy,  financed by international holdings in which banks, corporations, mercenaries and armies are combined, using local political and fascist actors simply called “opponents”,  supporting them with state-of-the-art professional equipment and all the world’s corporate media machinery.  The country is destabilized and predisposed to international public opinion for foreign intervention The objective: to establish a territory in which the warring factions manage to reduce prices due to strategic violence.

How many times have we seen it since 2000? Ukraine, Syria and Libya. Also in the territories of Mexico, Colombia, Bolivia, Afghanistan, Iraq and Nigeria. They attempted it in Algeria, Morocco, Venezuela, Egypt … The list is very long, but the methods, scientifically studied and practiced, are basically the same. We just have to review the development of the latest conflicts and we will realize the guidelines.

The attack is managed inside the country by a myriad of elusive and powerful NGOs that escape any type of control, especially economic control. Two puppeteer teachers are NED and USAID. But the real novelty in Nicaragua is the use of the Catholic church as a battering ram, and the weight it is taking in the fight. Like the Islamists in the Middle East, or nationalists in Europe, the church  utilizes the fanaticism and blindness of its members to execute  orders assigned by their masters in North America.

Another novelty is the use of “ultra-left groups”, and the historic communist guerrilla of the M19 is very controversial. Despite being communist, since the 1980s  M19 have turned to the United States empire to denounce President Ortega before the international community.  It is said that they are the ones that are arming the death squads involved in the conflict. One of their tactics is the murder of participants of demonstrations, such as the “March of Flowers” in order to create martyrs  in order to justify demands for international intervention.

In the case of Venezuela or Brazil, we are aware that inept governments usurp the power of the people for the benefit of local elites that are neither better nor more generous than the foreign elites. Their only interest is exploitation and looting, despite their rhetoric. But as in these same cases,  the imperialist, extractivist, neocolonial, and ultimately criminal interventions of the decaying imperial power and its pack of vassals / hyenas did not impose a scenario of instability but of open warfare, destruction and captivity of the Nicaraguan people.  An unacceptable scenario, and if we examine their actors we find the so-called  “opposition” who  act as  the hammer empire.  We may not be the ones who defend the government of Daniel Ortega, but without hesitation we must defend  the Nicaraguan people.

For the people, for their self-determination, their self-government, their sovereignty and the Social Revolution.

The Contrainsurgent War – Nicaragua in the Mira by Stella Calloni