Libyan People’s National Movement Salute the São Paulo Forum

Your Excellencies, friends and fellow freedom fighters,

On behalf of the Political Committee of the Libyan People’s National Movement (LPNM) we salute the progressive forces from every continent and region that gathered in Cuba for the Sao Paulo Forum.

It is of historical significance that the Forum was held in Cuba, the land of heroic revolutionaries, led by the great revolutionary leader, Fidel Castro. On behalf of the LPNM, I want to convey the greetings and solidarity of Qaddafi loyalists to all participants of the forum. Although we were unable to attend, we followed with interest your speeches and deliberations, especially those of Dilma Rousseff and Cristina Fernandez Kirchner.

Under the guidance of our beloved leader and martyr, Muammar Qaddafi, we have lived through the struggle of the revolution, and the ferocity of the battle we waged against the invasion of our homeland. We experienced intense pain and frustration as we witnessed the cold blooded murder of our Brother Leader at the hands of NATO mercenaries and the death and displacement of hundreds of thousands of our countrymen, women and children. We were forced to witness decades of hard won progress rolled back by barbaric invaders in a single year.

Despite all the injustice we have suffered, we remain confident that the victory will inevitably return to the progressive forces in South America, the Caribbean, Libya, Syria and all other nations that are struggling for their right to self- determination. We salute each and every person who is playing their part in this great global resistance against Empire and its agents.

Al Fateh (The Victory) forever!

Abdussalam Ashor
Coordinator of the Political Committee
Libyan People’s National Movement (LPNM)
July 17, 2018