Nicolás Maduro Moros Before the São Paulo Forum

Cuba Debate
Unofficial Translation by Internationalist 360°
Speech by Nicolás Maduro Moros, President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, at the special plenary session on Fidel’s thought, during the XXIV Meeting of the Forum of Sao Paulo, held at the Havana Convention Center, on July 17, 2018, “Year 60 of the Revolution”. (Stenographic Versions – Council of State)

Dear compañero Miguel Díaz-Canel, president of the Councils of State and Ministers of Cuba;

Dear comrade Evo Morales, I thank you for your brevity (Laughter);

Compañero Salvador Sánchez Cerén, of my brother Salvadoran people (Applause);

Companion Mónica Valente, permanent secretary of the Sao Paulo Forum (Applause);

Comrade “Mel” Zelaya, commander of the resistance of the town of Morazán (Applause);

Companion Joaquim Chissano, former president of Mozambique (Applause);

Martín Torrijos, former president of Panama (Applause);

Dear Brother Kenny Anthony, former Prime Minister of Saint Lucia (Applause);

Denzil Douglas, former Prime Minister of Saint Kitts and Nevis (Applause);

Compañero José Balaguer, Head of International Relations of the Communist Party of Cuba (Applause);

Comrade David Choquehuanca, general secretary of ALBA (Applause);

Comrade Ricardo Patiño, former Foreign Minister of Ecuador (Applause);

Companion Oscar López Rivera, hero of the Puerto Rican independence movement (Applause and exclamations of: “Viva Puerto Rico libre!”) Long live Free Puerto Rico!

Dear comrades from Latin America, the Caribbean, from Asia, from the Arab world, from Europe, from the different places where special guests have come to the Forum of Sao Paulo:

How much history is here, right now? How many struggles! How many decades! How many sacrifices and heroism of our peoples.

I have been following very closely this edition of the Forum of Sao Paulo in Havana, through Telesur in Spanish and English, we have managed to closely follow the deliberations, the opinions, the enriching debate of ideas, of experiences of each political party, of each  political force present, that during this Forum has managed to revitalize, without a doubt, I believe, this wonderful idea that was founded in the last decade, in the decade of the nineties of the last century , for that visionary genius of humanity, Commander Fidel Castro Ruz and our great comrade Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (Applause).

You have to see the time elapsed. as our commander Hugo Chávez always said. I want to greet our colleague Adán Chávez Frías, brother of our Commander and head of the delegation of the Great Patriotic Pole of Venezuela, which brings together all the political parties and social movements in the Bolivarian Revolution: When all the lights in the world went out; when the Soviet Union fell and the power of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics was dismembered in twenty pieces; when the former block of socialist countries in Eastern Europe collapsed and fell into the hands of the most neoliberal savage capitalism; when it seemed that the unipolar world and the Washington Consensus, at  the end of history in Latin America,  a light and a flag was raised. And we should feel proud, members of this forum of diversity, debate, struggle, work and political power, which is the Forum of Sao Paulo, because it was precisely in 1990, when the lights went out in the world, that from Cuba, from Brazil and from Latin America and the Caribbean, the need arose to build a space of union, of struggle. And as Evo said now, a space that does have strength is its diversity.

Here there are no hegemonic positions, nor have there been any; there have been great leaderships, and so will be the history of this movement and of this beautiful force that is the Forum of Sao Paulo, which in its diversity has managed to collect and drink from the foundational cradle of the twentieth-century Caribbean, Latin American revolution that is Cuba, and managed to take from Fidel, its leader, all its regenerating, renewing force.

With regard to this Forum in Sao Paulo, we have been able to review Fidel’s concepts: 1993, in the middle of the Special Period, the Forum of Sao Paulo meets in Havana and Fidel speaks to the leaders of the left, of the surviving left of that era, of the progressive, popular, revolutionary movements of that era.  That fall Nicaragua signed the Peace Agreements in Central America and Fidel, with a premonitory vision, calls them to prepare for the union of Latin America and the Caribbean, calls them to create a unified vision of our continent, as a block of forces, he calls them to fight, not to surrender in the midst of the greatest difficulties.

When one reviews the history of our people, comrades, brothers and sisters, if we only review the history of these 28 years of existence of the Forum of Sao Paulo, we would see greatness, as the comrade expressed it, President Evo Morales, we would see the greatness of what has been the effort of the revolutionary forces of Latin America and the Caribbean, to reverse one of the most difficult situations of dominance and absolute hegemony of US imperialism over our region , through the neoliberal model. And how we went from a decade of the nineties, of hegemony and domination, to a first decade of the Latin American, Caribbean, twenty-first century, of awakening, of the resurrection of the peoples (Applause).

I do not believe in what they call the end of the cycle, I do not believe in that; I believe  in the struggle, we of Venezuela believe in permanent combat (Applause). It is not time to lament the wounds, it is not time to boast of the natural consequences of the combats, advance-retreat, this is the way of fighting. Here are the comrades of Syria, who can say it well, who have had to face an interventionist, terrorist war, and there the people of Syria and the Syrian Arab Republic are standing. Honor and glory to the Syrian Arab people! (Prolonged applause.)

Latin America and the Caribbean have taken, from the most beautiful of their ancestry, the strength to meet and rediscover themselves, in a permanent process of political and ideological renewal and resurrection.

I was talking with Comrade Morales before coming here. We had a bilateral meeting between Evo and me, about an hour and a half, right, Evo ?, talking and reviewing everything, of all the topics of the Sao Paulo Forum, the importance of these instances, of how these instances were the instances where what was given as a result to Petrocaribe, ALBA, Unasur and Celac was sown. If in some place the ground was prepared for the emergence of the new integration, of the new stage of the beautiful and brilliant Latin American life that we have lived, it was here in the Forum of Sao Paulo, here were born the ideas that later came to fruition in the emergence of Petrocaribe, ALBA, Unasur, Celac (Applause).

So we have to see where we come from, and our political forces, our leaders, our great leaders, Fidel, Chávez, Néstor Kirchner, Evo, Correa, Cristina, Lula (Applause); Our great leaders in Latin America and the Caribbean come from the struggle for hope, come from the struggle against difficulties and obstacles. So let’s not open the way to any pilgrim thesis that aims to demoralize the struggle of our peoples in this year 2018, hard as it is, today we are in better conditions than ever before to advance in liberation, union and independence of this continent, without a doubt (Applause),  until there is no imperialism in the world anymore.

While there is imperialism there will be a struggle, as long as there is imperialism in the United States, even if it is in decline with the power it has, there will be conspiracy, there will be intrigue. If we will know that we have faced all forms of unconventional war against the Bolivarian Revolution, that we are on the front line in combat and we receive the direct blows, the threats, the permanent aggressions; but we neither gave up nor complained, because here it is about standing for the just causes that we defend and opening the way to the expansion of the revolutionary political, social, moral, spiritual forces of our peoples, in the richness of diversity that our countries signify and that this Forum of Sao Paulo has expressed in a wonderful way during 28 years in its different stages.

So we could take and paraphrase the Liberator: We, the political parties, the social movements, the leaderships of the Forum of Sao Paulo in 28 years express the struggles of our peoples, and we are children of the obstacles, children of the struggle, children of the difficulties, and from the difficulties we have been able to build this beautiful project that today is glimpsed in Latin America and the Caribbean (Applause).

Venezuela has faced, as you well know, a war of unconventional character, a war of attrition, with very clear objectives on the part of America. We could not blame Trump, it is a policy of an empire that considers our region its backyard and that has assumed a geopolitical and geoeconomic role towards Venezuela for their own interests.  In his documents, in his speeches, Comandante Chávez said this 20 years ago, we must remember, twenty years ago! The next December 6 of this year marks the 20 years of the first presidential electoral victory of Commander Hugo Chávez in the 1998 elections (Applause), and already by then the reports and speeches of US officials during the time of the administration Clinton: “Hugo Chávez does not work for our interests in Venezuela” (Laughter).  And who said that one has to work for the interests of the United States? One has to work for the interests of the people and, above all, of Latin America and the Caribbean, in Bolivar’s vision, in the vision of the liberators.

The Revolutionary Bolivarian Movement, which had managed to utilize a peaceful, constitutional, and electoral strategy to reach political power and to make a Bolivarian revolution that was democratic, nationalist, and popular, and they already identified the Bolivarian Movement and  Comandante Chávez as an element that did not serve the interests of the United States.  They tried to flatter Chávez: How well Chávez talks, what a great leader Chávez is, and they surrounded him with right-wing presidents who touched him to see if they would compromise him, as sometimes they do others. Cases have been seen, right? As Walter Martínez says, there are cases in full development out there, of people who won with leftist votes who end up governing for the oligarchies and for imperialism in a blatant way (Applause). And with Comandante Chávez and the first years of the Bolivarian Revolution, they operated in two directions, on the one hand, the flattery, the offer, saying:Chavez, this is another world, why are you going to approach Cuba, Chávez? What are you going to be Fidel’s friend for?

In the first visit made by Commander Hugo Chávez to Cuba as President-elect, he received the call of a Deputy Secretary of State of the United States of America, first to ask him, before arriving in Cuba, not to visit Cuba, and, secondly,  to ask for explanations from a sovereign elected president of why he was visiting Cuba. And Chávez sent them to hell with the gringos since then (Applause). And on the other hand the conspiracy; flattery and, on the other hand, conspire, press, threaten, the public threats of the CIA, the Secretary of State, the private threats from the US ambassador in Venezuela, the permanent conspiracy of the media, the permanent campaign to demonize, to stimulate hatred and fear against the renewing leadership that emerged, and the conspiracy to try to fracture the armed forces, which ended -as they all remember- definitively in the media coup that they took against Comandante Chávez in the year 2002, on April 12 and 13 of that year.

Since then, Venezuela has faced imperial aggression. There would have to be no American empire so that the Bolivarian Revolution would have had a bed of roses.

Comrades, those who aspire to dignity, those who aspire to social justice, those who aspire to equality, those who aspire happiness for the people and those who aspire to independence in Latin America, can not believe that it will be a bed of roses; it will be a combat and a permanent struggle to open space for it, to open the way to the idea of ​​redemption, of justice, of happiness of the peoples (Applause).

It is the real story. If you aspire to the happiness of your people, you have to aspire to political and economic independence. It does not matter what they are called -Comandante Fidel Castro said when he received Commander Hugo Chávez on December 14, 1994- projects towards the future if they want to call it Bolivarianism, I agree; If you want to call it Christianity, I also agree; If you want to call it socialism, I agree, to the project of redemption, of justice, of democracy, of dignity, of the right of peoples. No matter what we call it, no matter the diversity of circumstances in our countries throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, at the beginning or at the end you will see your face, comrades, as we have seen the monster of the American empire and the interests of the local oligarchies.

It has been up to us at this stage, after the physical departure of Commander Hugo Chávez, founding leader, supreme leader of our revolution, we have had to face all forms of unconventional warfare.

Now Nicaragua is facing the method that they applied to us in 2014, the guarimbas. And last year, do you remember exactly one year ago? Venezuela endured 120 continuous days of street aggression, of groups, paid by the US embassy, ​​violent groups and the worldwide media campaign multiplied to present a Venezuela in chaos, at the gates of civil war, and a dictatorial government repressing a protesting people, the perfect script. Today they are applying it to Christian Nicaragua, to Sandinista Nicaragua.

All our love, all our unconditional support to the commander, President Daniel Ortega Saavedra, to comrade Rosario Murillo, to the Sandinista National Liberation Front and to the people of Nicaragua who will defeat violence. They will defeat terrorism and peace will triumph, we are sure that peace will triumph (Applause and exclamations of: “Sandino lives, the struggle continues! We will go to victory, freedom or death, and if we die, it does not matter, our cause will continue to live, others will follow us! “)

Overcome! All the modalities. We defeated the guarimbas by calling for the power of the people, the constituent power, and Venezuela managed to bask in the course of the last year of an ascending cycle of accumulation of forces and really surprising electoral victories. We, over the course of 10 months, managed to turn around the defensive situation in which they had placed us, and with the constituent elections and their victory and the installation of plenipotentiary constituent power, with the victories in 19 governorates of 23 of the country, with victory in 308 municipalities of the 335 municipalities of the country, and with the tremendous electoral victory in the presidency of the Republic on May 20, Venezuela has consolidated peace, the democratic road and has resumed the political conditions for a global recovery of our society of war wounds that we have suffered, in the course of these complex years, facing the most powerful empire that ever existed on earth. Cuba knows well enough about this fight!

Over the past year, Venezuela has been subjected to threats of military invasion. When we made the denunciation of the plans a year ago, how could those plans be described, otjer than  criminal, the crazed plans of the US administration, pretending an invasion, a military occupation of Venezuela? We were denied by the administration itself . Now it is public the revelation of high ex-functionaries of the government of Donald Trump, where they have recently declared, and was leaked through the international cables and the press of the United States, that it was Donald Trump himself who proposed a plan of military occupation of Venezuela .

I tell them: Venezuela wants peace. We want peace with equality, we want peace with justice, we want peace with democracy, we want peace with national independence, but I say it, we are the sons of Bolívar, we are the sons of Chávez, and we do not fear any threat whatever it is that is done against us from the American empire. We have not feared it, nor are we afraid to face any threat now(Applause).

We want peace, and peace we have had and peace we will continue to have, because it is the same Latin American, Caribbean conscience, the strong conscience of peace that allows neutralizing, dispelling threats of this kind, even before they have been activated, before even that they have been activated! A threat of this kind is sure to have materialized 100 years ago without having consulted it; a threat of military occupation and invasion -as the press release says-, inspired by the invasion of our sister Panama, inspired by the invasion and occupation of our sister Granada in the eighties, surely 30, 50 years ago executed and would have caused a tragedy, because the people of Venezuela will never surrender to US imperialism, under any circumstances (Applause).

But the threat itself is oversized, it is out of context, despite the campaign against Venezuela  in all the countries of the world lead by the North American press. The campaign that has been carried out against us for 20 years, but, above all, in the last five years, to  justify adventurous actions of the extreme right sectors, of what we call the Klux-Klan Club that governs Washington. According to them it would be justified, because they have positioned the world’s media, as they say – the world turned upside down.  “Venezuela, a dictatorship”, “the humanitarian crisis”, and all the justifications for an occupation, a invasion; but, without a doubt, the moral reason of the cause of Venezuela and the moral reason for the support of the peoples of Latin America that would never calmly accept an aggression against our country.

That is why I, from the Sao Paulo Forum, together with the presence of important movements, parties and political leaders in Latin America, say: Venezuela has known how to defend its peace and independence and in Venezuela it will continue to win peace with justice, peace with homeland, peace with independence and the Bolivarian project will follow its course and development (Applause).

They are two vital, central objectives of the imperialist geopolitics against the Bolivarian Revolution: the first of all, at the root, the oil wealth of Venezuela. It is not by chance that the countries with the largest oil reserves in the world have always been the targets of imperialist strategy: Iraq, Libya, Iran, Venezuela. The oil wealth of Venezuela, as you know, Venezuela has the largest internationally certified oil reserve on planet Earth.  Venezuela has oil for 200 years. When oil is finished in the large regions that are now the main producers of the planet, there will still be 100 years or more of oil, 30 meters above sea level.

But, in addition, you should know that in the course of these years Venezuela has certified the largest gold reserve on the planet, one of the largest diamond reserves of the planet and what is going to be the fourth largest gas reserve on planet Earth.

First objective: to seize the wealth that they administered during 90 years, from 1908 to 1998, the richness of the natural resources of our country. The oil of Venezuela is a day and a half from the coasts of Miami, and that would be the definitive cause to have our country, our region in the imperial eye of domination, of hegemonism, of control; It would be enough, because, in addition, that wealth belonged to them for 90 years, without discussion, until the revolution of Commander Hugo Chávez arrived.

But the other reason has as much weight as that, and it is a reason that in the Forum of Sao Paulo it may be the scenario where it is most understood; the political, the geopolitical; the other reason is, perhaps, the non-material reserve, but it is the greatest spiritual, cultural reserve that a people can have, and it is the revolutionary project and the Bolivarian project (Applause). The empire arose at the beginning of the Bolivarian Revolution, and has increased its actions, to neutralize the transformative impacts of the revolutionary leadership of Chavez, the revolutionary leadership of the Bolivarian project, the achievements of Bolivarian socialism and to try to overthrow it. end forever the project that could not be destroyed  in 200 years, Bolivar’s project, our revolutionary project. These are the two reasons: the material wealth: oil, gold and spiritual wealth, which is what keeps us standing, which is what inspires us, which is what takes us forward, which is the revolutionary wealth of the Bolivarian project founded by our beloved Commander Hugo Chávez Frías.

Venezuela resists in the midst of difficulties. We have never submitted to persecution, known only to Cuba, economic, financial persecution, with sanctions, persecution of accounts. Venezuela is now the victim of an economic aggression unknown to our country, which we have  seen in Cuba, the blockade, the embargo and the economic and financial persecution against Cuba continues today.  The embargo, the persecution against the accounts of the republic, which has even reached the private sector, which seems incredible, the right openly and publicly promotes economic and financial persecution against our country, but the same sectors of the private sector have been victims of the global persecution against finances, resources and accounts of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

I said, after the electoral victory of May 20, that Venezuela enters a new stage. I have said that the Bolivarian, socialist revolution, founded by our Commander Chávez, is at a new beginning. And may you be assured, comrades of the Forum of Sao Paulo, that this revolution, founded on the ideas of Bolívar, that this revolution founded on the creative, magnificent spirit of our Commander Chávez, that this revolution that we have  defended together with the people, with the popular vote, with popular sovereignty, with the freedom of the people, this revolution will overcome the obstacles, the difficulties that we have and will continue its road towards the construction of a regional power. (Applause).

We have lived the beauty and glory of these years. We have enjoyed the presence of giants like Fidel, like Chávez, like Kirchner. We see with pain, but not with resignation,  the persecution of Lula. Who would have thought about five, eight years ago, in the splendor of his leadership, that one day the oligarchy was going to take revenge on Lula, go after him and hide him in some dungeon to prevent him from exercising his freedom and political rights? Because they know that Lula Libre wins the presidential elections over the Brazilian right (Applause). All our solidarity with Lula! All our brotherhood with Brother Lula! (Applause and exclamations of: “Lula libre!”)

I see many intellectuals here, comrades. I thank all the intellectual brothers who are here, leaders, for all the solidarity and understanding they have had. It is not easy to be a friend of Venezuela, you have to be brave and you have to have a big heart so as not to disregard our love and our friendship, so as not to hide. You have to be brave. It is easy to pronounce against Venezuela, to say anything. There are those who have done it, believing that they won votes and have lost elections.  There is a left faction that they wanted to convert into the successful anti-Chavez left. Much success in their defeat, then.  But those who have been brave and have maintained principles of nonintervention, are victorious.  (Applause). Although in politics there are no irrefutable or eternal truths, nor can there be, because as good Marxists we are, we believe in the dialectic of thought and reality, and permanent change.

I propose Venezuela as the venue for the next forum, Adam, for when? (They tell him that by July).

I agree with what Evo says, we convene every three months to update, share experiences and each year hold the special annual forum (Applause).

I conclude, fellow thinkers, writers and intellectuals (Laughter), the issue of gender equality must be respected (Applause).

I really believe that the Latin American right in its different expressions do not have a democratic project, even though the old dictatorships of the 20th century were left behind, the same oligarchies now come with a force of revenge to be charged to popular projects, with a viciousness that was not seen, what they are doing  with Lula, what they do with Cristina, well, what they do with us. We do not have a democratic right, I can say with testimony, evidence for the trial of history, Venezuela does not have a single party of the right, nor the center right with a democratic project, tolerance, respect for the Constitution, coexistence , and now Venezuela is the maximum example of how an aggression of intolerance, political hatred is gestated from what they call the Lima Group, the “Lima Cartel” they call it there. There we have the Bogota, Colombian right, with which we lived for a time in a process of coexistence.

Comandante Chávez, for eight years of the government of Álvaro Uribe Vélez,  achieved for a good part, almost seven and a half years of cooperation, until the events of 2008 of the infamous attack on Ecuador, and then the events of eight years ago, in 2010, where he used a false positive to attack Venezuelan territory and put together an armed conflict in this same time.

Then we helped Juan Manuel Santos to make peace -I am going to say it-, with modesty, with humility, but I have to say, without the participation of the revolutionary government of Comandante Chávez, without the participation of the revolutionary government of Nicolás Maduro it would have been impossible to achieve negotiations and peace agreements between the government of Colombia and the guerrillas of the Armed Forces of Colombia FARC-EP (Applause). Colombia knows it.

I keep well documented secrets about these processes, agreements already tainted, and in spite of everything, comrades, what is the response of Santos when Trump arrives?  Assault, attack, betray Venezuela and the Bolivarian Revolution. The word committed before Chávez and before me by Juan Manuel Santos was to respect us, to live together, to coexist with different models. Colombia with its capitalism and we with our attempts to build socialism.

And now the Colombian oligarchy is preparing a set of so-called false positives, provocations, assemblies, to see if they generate an armed conflict in the 2200 kilometers of binational border between our beloved and sister Colombia and the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela . And if I put Colombia as an example, I can put any sector of the ruling right, the Argentine right of Macri, the Pinochetist right of Chile ruling with Piñera, and so on. What has been done against Venezuela and is intended to be done against Nicaragua now, had only been done against Cuba in the era of military dictatorships, in the 60s and 70s; the interventionist consensus of a minority group of right-wing governments.

I dare to propose the analysis -to the debates, to the forums-, the formulation of strategies and ideas for action, as it belongs to us, politicians and revolutionaries, to go to the debate, to go to the reflection, to go to the study and then plotting strategies of power -as Evo says-, political power, comrades, the conquest of power, the construction of power, the maintenance of political power for the people.

I dare to propose within the formulation of these policies, that vision towards the years that are to come, that one of the tasks that we have is to face that intolerant, fascist right that persecutes the people and that only wants the power to root out the liberating projects of our peoples.

When we were the majority in Latin America and the Caribbean, it never occurred to us to persecute a government for being on the right, and when we founded Unasur with Uribe – we felt our Colombian brothers must be present. The birth certificate of Unasur was signed in handwriting by Álvaro Uribe Vélez, current president of Colombia. Are you going to preside over Colombia now, right? Uribe directs Colombia now on twitter. Mr., I do not know the real name, I have not learned the name of the president-elect of Colombia. What is it called? (They call him Duke). I do not learn the name, I will learn it (Applause). The president-elect president led by Mr. Álvaro Uribe Vélez’s twitter? We will see, then. Here is the ex-chancellor of Argentina, Jorge Taiana, here is the ex-chancellor of Bolivia, signatory of the Unasur Act. Álvaro Uribe Vélez stamped his signature as follows (points), Chávez aside, Lula on the other side.

The right was never persecuted for being right, but it was tried to integrate in the vision that Fidel explained in this same platform, in the year 1993, a vision of the Latin American union in diversity, in a single block Latin America and the Caribbean. So I dare to propose new forms of action, of denunciation. Just as the existence of a fascist right that imposed coups and military dictatorships throughout Latin America was denounced for decades, and we succeeded in reversing it, defeating it and emerging from the ashes the revolutionary movements, so we must confront, denounce, diminish, isolate and defeat the current Latin American right that has sought to end the integration processes of Unasur, Celac and the liberation processes of the continent (Applause).

What to think what we were in the year 1990-1993, and what we have been in this first stage! The second decade of the 21st century has not ended and here we are, look, in combat, in struggle. We must vindicate the strength of what the Sao Paulo Forum has meant and means, and in the diversity of who we are, compañeros and compañeras, let us continue to maintain the flags of the union of Latin America and the Caribbean. Venezuela is standing, Venezuela is victorious and Venezuela is at the service of all the forces that want liberation, independence, union. We are ready, as I was saying to Evo, to rescue the Unasur project, to strengthen and deepen the social and energy projects of ALBA and Petrocaribe, to strengthen, maintain and increase, now with the arrival of a new president in Mexico ,the beautiful project of union of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States, a point of meeting of all the political forces (Applause).

It’s been worth the whole fight. I was listening today to Eusebio, to Dilma, to Comrade Yan Chung, from Shanghai; Mel Zelaya, Kenny Anthony, among other colleagues, who were talking about Fidel. What a giant, right? What a pride to be Latin American and Caribbean and say: We are heirs of the glories of the liberating fathers, Bolivar and Marti, but we also have here, in our hearts, the living and direct witness of men like Fidel Castro Ruz! (Applause.)

I had a fortune in history in these years, together with Comandante Chávez, when he appointed me Chancellor and then, with his treatment of his illness here in Havana, and then in this stage as President, to share long hours of conversation with the Commander. Fidel Castro and listen to his experiences, his orientations, his strategic vision, and he always told me: Mature, always, even in the worst circumstances, when you think there is no hope, you have to fight, you have to fight and you have to fight, and if necessary, die fighting (Applause). I say: If necessary, Fidel, keep living, keep  fighting, keep living in the struggle!

Thanks to the Sao Paulo Forum for all the solidarity!

Long live the Forum of Sao Paulo! (Exclamations of: “Viva!”)

Long live the union of Latin America and the Caribbean! (Exclamations of: “Viva!”)

Long live the Bolivarian Revolution! (Exclamations of: “Viva!”)

Long live Cuba! (Exclamations of: “Viva!”)

Long live Fidel! (Exclamations of: “Viva!”)

Long live Chávez! (Exclamations of: “Viva!”)

Until the victory always, brothers!

Thanks (Applause)]