Nicaragua Demands OAS Condemn Resurgence of Terrorist Actions

The Government of Nicaragua denounced in the extraordinary session of the Permanent Council of the Organization of American States (OAS), the resurgence of terrorist actions, which on Thursday took the lives of four police officers and a teacher in the municipality of Morrito, Río San Juan , and de thmanded that the OAS condemn those criminal acts.

Both the Nicaraguan Foreign Minister Denis Moncada Colindres and the alternate representative, Luis Alvarado, rejected the extraordinary session convened unilaterally to learn about the situation in Nicaragua.

The State Department behind the call

The Chancellor Moncada denounced that the session was requested by the State Department, through the Permanent Mission of the United States of America to the OAS, which requested the presidency its good offices in order to convene an extraordinary session to consider the evolution of the situation in Nicaragua.

He said that the request was signed by Ambassador Carlos Trujillo, permanent representative of the United States to the OAS and was supported by the ambassadors of Argentina, Canada, Chile and Peru.

“Representatives of member countries of this organization, request a meeting to discuss the internal affairs of Nicaragua, an independent, free and sovereign country, as are all the countries that make up the OAS and  whom we respect, in their dimension of sovereign States, of Independent States and as States we are all obliged to respect their dignity, their autonomy, their free decisions, “said the Nicaraguan diplomat.

“Nicaragua is a free, sovereign and independent State that has the autonomy and sovereignty to analyze and solve its problems internally,”  he said.

It’s a Coup d’Etat

“The Charter of the OAS, like the Charter of the United Nations Organization, are very clear about international relations between States; they must be treated in sovereign equality, without intervening in their internal affairs, without interference and without intervention, that is what Nicaragua has always requested and continues to demand respect for its sovereignty, respect for its dignity as a State in equality of relations with the international community, with the community that makes up the Organization of American States,” he said.

He said that his country has extensively informed the Human Rights organizations and the permanent missions of the OAS and other international organizations, “the range of crimes, terrorist activity that has been developed in the country by internal groups, linked to external and international financing, aimed at a specific goal: A coup d’état against the democratically elected Government of Nicaragua, breaking the constitutional order, to achieve a change of government immediately,” he said.

He noted that these actions “break the rules of the game that all our states have to designate their governments or their president, and to rotate them according to their respective laws and constitutions in each period of time that countries normally regulate.”

He claimed that this meeting of the OAS was held without having consulted Nicaragua, “for which our alternate ambassador stated that we did not agree with this call and that we requested the Secretary General, the Secretariat of the Permanent Council, to take note and register that Nicaragua has not convened this Permanent Council, therefore it does not seem appropriate that we are analyzing the internal situation of Nicaragua without the approval of the Government of our country. ”

Demand OAS condemnation of terrorist acts of coup leaders

“In this concert we hope that at some point the Organization of American States, denounce and condemn the terrorist acts that are being committed in our country,” he said.

“Denounce and condemn terrorist groups, endangering the stability of the country, peace, security, the peaceful coexistence of all Nicaraguans.  Denounce terrorist acts of kidnapping, torture, murder, inhuman, cruel and degrading acts to which the Nicaraguan population has been subjected from April 18 to the present and that in a continuous and daily manner our Government and our authorities have made known to the international community, ” he added.

Massacre in Morrito

He recalled that yesterday, in the department of Rio San Juan in the town of  Morrito, criminal groups, terrorist groups, pretending to conduct a so-called peaceful march, attacked with firearms the police delegation of the municipality, killing four colleagues of the Police: Commissioner Luis Emilio Bustos López, Sub Officer Marlon José Requenez López, Sub Official Lenin Ernesto Olivas Alaniz, Policeman Faustino Reyes Vargas.

They also kidnapped nine policemen, whom they transferred to the blockades that remain in the connection of Lóvago.

They also attacked the Morrito City Hall, causing serious injuries with firearms to five workers of the municipality, killing Professor Marvin Ugarte.

Professor Ugarte worked as a primary teacher in schools in the municipality of Morrito.

International pressures against Nicaragua

“That was yesterday, parallel, there are mobilizations, in concert with some international activities with the intention of unfairly pressuring the Government of Nicaragua,” he said.

“And we say unjustly because it is intended, through the manipulation of information, the use of lies, false news, wanting to appear as truth, to deceive, make it appear, that  the Government of Nicaragua is responsible tor these crimes,” he said.

He said that”their responsiblity for crimes are being investigated by the competent authorities, and that they are crimes committed by illegal groups, by criminal groups, by terrorist groups that are operating in the country with the objective, as we said of unbalancing the State, of making a de facto  change of Government, by way of the rupture of the Constitution, of the legal order and of the State Right that governs in our country “.

The terrorist responsible for massacre is arrested

He informed that today the terrorist Medardo Mairena Sequeira was captured at the Managua airport when he tried to flee the country. “Mairena Sequeira has committed criminal acts, attacking police units and offices of the Morrito City Hall, department of Río San Juan and responsible for the murder and massacre of the police officers we referred to earlier as well as the primary school teacher,” he said.

In addition, this terrorist is responsible for organizing the blockades inside  national territory, where “terrorists hooded with firearms, have scared the villagers,  committed murders, kidnappings, tortures and threats to thousands of residents.”

“This terrorist Medardo Mairena Sequeira is being investigated by the competent authorities to answer for the crimes for which he is responsible,” he said.

He said that Nicaragua has a current Constitution, a legal system that governs it, has a Rule of Law that is the foundation of Democracy.

He said that there is a huge contradiction between what we normally say in international bodies, denounce and promote, which is precisely the Rule of Law to strengthen democracies, what is now intended to be done with the Government of Nicaragua and force it to advance elections.

“To change situations of governments that respond precisely to a constitutional regulation. It can not be strengthened and we insist on that, the institutionality can not be strengthened, the democratization of a country can not be strengthened, starting from the basis that the institutionality must be broken, that the legal order must be broken and that the will of opposition groups be imposed, whatever they are called, that are using terrorist activities to force through a de facto change of Government outside the Constitution and the laws,” he stated.

Government reiterates the will to Dialogue

“Nicaragua and the Government of Nicaragua clearly express: We are not going to act outside the Law, we are not going to act outside the legal framework. We have said that the Dialogue is the solution to the situation in Nicaragua, and we insist on it, and we maintain that will of Dialogue,” reiterated Foreign Minister Moncada.

He indicated that the situation of violence, of destabilization must first be resolved;  the restoration of peace, the restoration of peaceful coexistence; the free circulation of all citizens throughout the country, as well as international regional transport and freight and free trade, which is normal in the Central American region.

These are the conditions for sitting down to dialogue and for the opposition to put on the table the issues that it wants on institutionalization, on democratization in conditions that allow for a Dialogue as appropriate, said the Nicaraguan Chancellor.

Dialog without impositions

“The experience of international organizations establishes that, in order to be able to dialogue, basic and minimum conditions must be met so that this Dialogue is really the expression of the free will of the parties, and of the agreements that can be reached with freedom and without pressure or obligations. nor impositions of any kind, much less external,” he added.

“Nicaragua reaffirms its spirit and its will for Dialogue, with respect to its sovereignty, with respect for its dignity, restoring and reiterating this because it has been a position of which we have emphasized; let’s dialogue first to restore peace, to restore stability, without criminal acts, without terrorist acts and to dialogue in strengthening institutionality and democratization,” the Nicaraguan diplomat stressed.

IACHR and its report lacking objectivity

The Foreign Minister expressed that “unfortunately the IACHR has made a report lacking objectivity and impartiality. We insist on that. At a certain moment in the history of this organization, the IACHR played a very important role in the time of the dictatorships.”

“The IACHR behaves as if Latin America and the Western Hemisphere continued in dictatorships and that behavior, suddenly it has difficulties in conducting objective, impartial investigations,” he added.

“We have been, the Government of Nicaragua, in communication and in cooperation with the IACHR, the High Commissioner of the United Nations and they continue in the country,”  he said.

The situation is difficult but you have to be fair

“But we also insist with them, the situation in Nicaragua is difficult and human rights organizations can be involved in a dynamic that makes it difficult to find equanimity, impartiality and the real and objective interpretation of what is happening in Nicaragua,  and they can be victims of manipulation too, “warned the Chancellor.

“And we have called for human rights organizations to be very careful to avoid being  the target of manipulation of sectors interested in accusing our Government of crimes that they have not committed, that are committed by criminal groups, internal groups, external groups, acting in our country, in a really terrorist way, ” he advised.

“We ask the Permanent Council, we request the Organization of American States to also analyze and reflect on their actions, in relation to Nicaragua,”  he said.

Nicaragua can not be on a permanent agenda

“Nicaragua can not be the object of persistent meetings, almost daily meetings, two days ago there was a meeting in relation to Nicaragua, today there is another meeting in relation to Nicaragua, we must be careful to respect the same Charter of the Organization of American States,” he said.

He cited the Charter, which clearly states that States must respect the principle of non-intervention, non-interference, in the internal affairs of states.

“Our Government, our country, is moving forward to restore in the process of restitution, peace, stability and coexistence, we continue to move in that direction and continue to advance,” he said.

Justice will be done

“Our institutions are working, the law will be applied and universal justice will be done,” he insisted.

“It will be investigated, the Police and the Public Ministry, is investigating, the courts of justice will do justice, in the cases that correspond. We assure you that,” he concluded.

Terrorist actions increase

For his part, the alternate representative of Nicaragua, Luis Alvarado, said that his delegation denounces “the resurgence of terrorist actions in our country, as reported by the National Police and according to a video that we will present below”.

Within the session, several videos were reproduced where a Sandinista from Masaya is subjected to a severe beating and torture, and other abuses committed by the coup-plotting delinquents.

Venezuela rejects Argentina’s intention to present a motion for a resolution

At the meeting, the Venezuelan ambassador objected to the representative of Argentina detailing a proposal for a resolution that was not on the agenda and was presented at the last minute. And he demanded that the regulation be respected.

In this regard the representative of Nicaragua also called to order “not to turn the Permanent Council into an anarchy, we respect the established procedures, there is an approved agenda, so we approve an agenda to know what are the issues we are going to discuss,” he said.

“On the agenda we have not approved any resolution and there is a procedure for presenting proposals that are welcome, as long as they are well intentioned,” he added.

Translated by Internationalist 360°