Nicaraguan Citizens Denounce Complicity Between the Church and Terrorists

The people denounced the open complicity of the Catholic Church in the wave of violence that has shaken the country since April 18 that claimed hundreds of lives, the tortures, destruction of roads and holding entire populatiions hostage.

On July 9, the government liberated Jinotepe, where armed groups of opposition sectors that not only tortured Sandinistas, but also had kidnapped nearly 400 Central American transporters.

The town was subjected to fear and violence for two months. “They had us prisoners, they were carrying guns and we could not buy food,” the villagers said.

Before the arrival of the security forces, some assassins hid in the Basilica of San Sebastian. The people of Jinotepe demanded that they open the doors of the church.

Moments later the Bishops of the Episcopal Conference arrived and the people responded with fury, as they came to rescue the terrorists.

“Assassins, coup leaders, have enjoyed all the deaths just for a power they will not have,” the people shouted at the priests.

When the protesters managed to enter the Church, they met members of these violent groups disguised as nuns. The villagers expressed anger and outrage, because “the priests were hiding them and were complicit in what happened,” says Alberto Mora, editor of the magazine En Vivo.

The inhabitants denounced that members of the Catholic Church collaborated with the tortures and murders committed by the armed opposition. “In that department they concentrated with the greatest amount of weapons and the Church was the center of torture,” says Madelein García, teleSUR correspondent in Nicaragua.

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