Offering to the Pachamama for Peace in Nicaragua

Communication and Citizenship Council
June 13, 2018

In the framework of the Month of the Earth and the Original Peoples, the “Friends of Nicaragua in Peru” called for an offering to the Pachamama for Nicaragua to recover the peace that has been usurped.

The scenery could not have been more impressive: the Mateo Salado Archaeological Complex, a ceremonial shrine of the Yschma culture (1100-1450) that for the occasion was decorated with pieces of Nicaraguan handicrafts: masks from the Güegüense, embroidered tablecloths from Masaya, a bust of Rubén Darío, the shadow of General Sandino, sculptures of balsa wood from Solentiname and chorotega pottery from San Juan de Oriente.

While the officiants prepared the offerings, the Nicaraguan ambassador thanked the attendees and gave them a brief reminder of the achievements of the Sandinista government in the last eleven years: economic growth (4.5% according to the IMF), poverty reduction (from 42.5% to 29.6%), gender equity (1st place in Latin America – 6th worldwide, according to data from the World Economic Forum), food sovereignty (Nicaragua produces 90% of the food consumed), etc. .

Similarly, the diplomat explained how, since April 18, the country is the victim of a “soft coup” that follows the recipe invented by Gene Sharp and the CIA to put an end to progressive governments.

He referred to the National Police of Nicaragua and its successful Community-Preventive-Proactive model so celebrated in the world, which made Nicaragua the safest country in the region. He also spoke of the massive campaign, distorting the truth, that through the transnationals of communication give a false image of the Sandinista government and what happens in reality.

Among those attending the ritual were Congressman Manuel Dammert, the former Minister of Health, Álvaro Vidal, the former Ambassador of Peru in Cuba, Víctor Mayorga, the editor of the newspaper Uno, César Lévano and the journalists Walter Palacios Vincens, Gustavo Espinoza Montesinos and Manuel Robles.

The Secretary General of the Peruvian Communist Party, Flor de María González,  the general secretary of FOCEP, Caty Campos Llontop and the head of International Relations of the Communist Party of Peru – Patria Roja, Tany Valer, Nicolás Aguilar and Serafín Mondragón from the Coordinator of Solidarity with Cuba, Rita Rojas, from the Union of Peruvian Women and Gony Sosa and Vilma Orbezo from the Todos Somos Micaela Collective.

The celebration was also attended by the internationalist heroes Eloy Villacrez and Luis García Céspedes; representatives of the embassies of Cuba and Ecuador, and figures of Peruvian art and literature, including the filmmaker Fico García, the poet José Luis Ayala, plastic artists Bruno Portuguez, Fanny Palacios, Ever Arrascue and Sonia Estrada, actress Gloria Zegarra; the designer Olga Zaferson. The singer-songwriter Magali Luque, and the singer and folklorist Elizher Portuguez Palacios, performed a capella beautiful songs of the Andean region, in tribute to the Pachamama.

The original ceremony was in charge of a yatiri of the Amazonian Andean Spiritual Community, who invoked the Peruvian and Nicaraguan Apus: such as the Momotombo, Mombacho and Masaya volcanoes, and the great Cocibolca and Xolotlán lakes.

In addition, the shaman wished for peace in Nicaragua and invited the attendees to formulate their requests to Pachamama. These, in Castilian, Quechua and Aymara languages, asked for the truth of the events that occurred in the last 50 days to be clarified, for justice to be done and for peace to be brought to Sandino’s homeland, that his constitutional government and sovereignty be respected.