Venezuela Elections: An Exercise of Sovereignty and Independence

Adán Chávez Frías
Internationalist 360°

Just two weeks before the presidential elections on May 20 in Venezuela, the international right wing lashes out harshly against our democratic system trying to prevent our people from exercising their right to vote to defend the country’s peace and sovereignty.

The recent pronouncement of the European Parliament demanding the suspension of elections is an action that can only be categorized as a gross interference and a violation of the sovereignty of our State.

This resolution has been driven by political parties that in their own countries violate the civil rights and political freedoms of their citizens. We just have to take a look at the crisis of democratic institutions in Spain, as one example, to realize that they have no moral right to criticize us.

We reject that disrespect and we urge the European right to deal with the serious and grave problems that their peoples and voters are going through, such that every day they lose confidence in the EU institutions as reflected in the latest polls.

We warn that the same message will be delivered to the failed Lima Group on May 14, where our democratic system will condemn this small group of countries that, in addition to not representing the interests of Latin American nations, are in a state of constant  internal political crises with coups, resignations of presidents, imprisonment and persecution of leaders, repression and oppression of their people.

Venezuelans trust in their democratic system. The National Electoral Council has been recognized internationally as a transparent referee in more than 20 elections that we have held in almost two decades of the Bolivarian Revolution.

What we observe at this moment is a people who are mobilized, conscious, assuming their responsibilities in commitment to the future of the Homeland and democracy. Because ours, as President Nicolás Maduro has pointed out, is not a democracy of elites, it is a democracy “for the many, and what is just is good for all people”.

Nicolas Maduro: ‘Venezuelan Democracy is About Protecting the People’

We know that the elections of May 20 are not limited to a simple act. That day, the people will defend with their vote their right to be free and sovereign. It will be a lesson in dignity for those who today, with no other motive than the ambition to seize our resources, sanction us and accuse us of being a dictatorship.

We will demonstrate to the world that we have an authentic participatory democracy, consolidated in our concept of Bolivarian Socialism, which is also the only proven option to guarantee an independent Homeland, and complete the transformation of Venezuela into a powerful country. The other option, offered by the transnational oligarchy, is the delivery of our monetary sovereignty, privatization, the auctioning of our national wealth to the highest bidder, the repression of the popular sectors, the misery and the exclusion of the majorities.

We summon all the people, the parties of the broad front of the nation, the social movements, to deploy their initiative, their creativity, their discipline, their organization, to stay hour after hour, house by house, day after day, activated in this last campaign in an intelligent and passionate offensive for the defense of our right to self-determination as a country.

Beware of triumphalism! Let no one lower their guard for a single second! We must not underestimate the dangerous enemy that besieges us, which is neither the compradors bourgeoisie nor the opposition parties. Our enemy is and always will be US imperialism and its European allies.

This Sunday, May 6, we demonstrated the strength of our machinery. The successful simulation exercise has allowed us to detect any weakness, any failure that we have to correct towards a new and perfect victory.

The fundamental objective in this stage of the counterattack and revolutionary deployment, is to assure the materialization of the vote and to minimize abstention. Our victory must be overwhelming. Our vote, as a full exercise of sovereignty and independence, is our weapon to defeat the economic blockade and lead us to a new stage of the Bolivarian Revolution, with president Nicolás Maduro at the front line, where once and for all we crush the mafias of financial and economic corruption that bleed the country, and build an economy that is at the service of the interests of the people.

In this final stage, in addition to strengthening ourselves, we must inspire and awaken  the consciousness of those who are confused, even those who oppose us but do not believe in the suicidal proposal of the privatizing and neoliberal right. We are going to the forefront, with precision and perseverance, uniting conscience with the truth. It is a fundamental choice;  it is about the struggle between life and death; between liberating socialism and exploitative capitalism; between the Homeland and the antipatria; between sovereignty and interference.

Let us enter the battle with a firm and determined step towards a new Revolutionary Victory!

With Chávez Always!

Everyone with Maduro!

Towards Economic Victory!