Nicaragua: Destabilization “Made in the USA”

Patricio Montesinos
Translation by Internationalist 360°

Nicaragua, among the nations of Our America with great citizen tranquility and remarkable sustained economic growth during this decade, has been the scene in recent days of vandalism that seeks to destabilize that peaceful Central American country.

Violent actions resulting in deaths and material loss, have targeted social institutions and public centers, and are part of a plan whose script has been repeated over and over again in the Patria Grande, as part of the offensive financed and incited by Washington to restore neoliberalism in this hemisphere to serve the hegemonic interests of the United States.

In Nicaragua, the pretext that unleashed the recent unrest was a proposal for Social Security reforms, which conservative sectors intentionally manipulated for the benefit of their political interests.

It is well known that Nicaragua, led by the Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN) and President Daniel Ortega, is despised by the White House, as are Venezuela, Cuba and Bolivia, precisely because their leaders persist in the effort to improve the living conditions of their peoples, and defend independence, peace and integration in Our America.

Nicaragua has become a paradigm in the Great Fatherland for the economic development it has achieved, with a sustained growth of its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) over 4.5 percent, while redistributing wealth among all its inhabitants.

It also stands out for its continued fight against poverty and the improvement of the social conditions of the population, including medical care and education, as well as for the harmony that has prevailed among its citizens.

This, of course, annoys Washington and the rickety Nicaraguan right that was crushed by Sandinismo in the presidential elections of 2016 and in the municipal elections last year, who then, like their neighbors in the region, resorted to violence to obtain what they can not achieve at the polls.

The procedure to weaken and overthrow revolutionary nations such as Nicaragua is this: manufacture a motive, manipulate and exacerbate that motive, hire criminal gangs to unleash violence and then name the leaders of those criminal groups the “political opposition”.

The staging of this “made in USA” operation, is accompanied from the beginning by a fierce media campaign accusing the progressive government of violating the human rights of the referred delinquents and presenting the criminal gangs as innocent adversaries who fight for democracy, all the while promoting economic sanctions, blockades, military aggressions and threats of military intervention.

The Nicaraguan people, who suffered in the long dirty war orchestrated by the United States, know very well, as do Venezuelans, Cubans and Bolivians, the perverse plans of the White House, and also know how to bring them down peacefully, with integrity and intelligence.