Venezuela Calls for International Peace Summit

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza called for an international meeting of all countries that are in favor of a peaceful dialogue between the Bolivarian Revolutionary government and the opposition.

Speaking to an international diplomatic corps Saturday, Arreaza stressed that participating countries must demonstrate goodwill toward peace, “not foreign interference, disrespect for (Venezuela’s) sovereignty or the laying of political groundwork for U.S. imperialism to implement an intervention in Venezuela.”

He noted that diplomatic teams of past mediation processes headed by former Panamanian President Martin Torrijos, former Dominican Republic President Leonel Fernandez and the former Spanish President Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, were welcomed, according to La Radio del Sur.

European countries that have demonstrated a “willingness to facilitate talks with respect to Venezuela’s sovereignty” were also urged to take part in the talks, he added.

Venezuela has faced months of political turmoil caused by a right-wing opposition that wants to oust the democratically-elected government of Nicolas Maduro and threats of military intervention and tightened sanctions by the United States.

Arreaza exhorted all countries in the region and beyond to reflect clearly about the summit and consequences that could arise if peace doesn’t prevail.

He reiterated that if they “truly believe that dialogue is the path for Venezuela” and the request for an international summit is not a media strategy proposed by the government, then those countries should “respond to the call.”

Finally, the foreign minister said the details of the summit, the meeting place, and the date will be announced in the coming days.

The international summit was initially requested by Maduro on Aug. 8, just days prior to President Donald Trump’s declaring that a U.S. “military option” was not off the table in its continued interference in the country’s internal political affairs.

La Radio del Sur-AVN-EFE