Know Your Enemy

Dr. Bouthaina Shaaban

I once asked Mr. Michel Edde, “What is your favorite newspaper?” He replied, “Haaretz,” because I begin my day by reading it. He added that reading what the enemy writes is essential for understanding what they plan and thus in preparing our response to confront it. He pointed out that he has an important collection of studies, books and strategies developed by the Zionist entity for dealing with the Arab world. Since that conversation, which dates back more than twenty years, I follow as much as possible what is written about our countries by the Zionist entity. But the importance of knowing the plans of our enemies, their studies and their analysis of events in our countries, has become an integral part of understanding said events. So I understood since 2014 when Israel began to receive terrorists for treatment in its hospitals, that its role in the war on Syria is large and real. Despite the lack of media’s coverage of its crimes, it became clear today that it was the first beneficiary of the so-called “Arab Spring.” When investigating a crime, we always ”look for the beneficiary,”and this entity has the upper hand in planning all crimes committed in our Arab world, not only in Palestine.

Before the US invasion of Iraq in 2003, dozens of studies were published by the Zionist entity about the dangers awaiting the world because of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, and about the need to put an end to the madness of Saddam Hussein. I recall that in 2002 I read a booklet on an integrated Israeli media plan to present the war on Iraq to world public opinion under a facade of legitimization. In one of the tips for media professionals to answer embarrassing questions, the author of the booklet said: “You only have to repeat two words: Saddam Hussein.”

Before the assassination of Arafat, the Israeli advice to the media was:

“Wherever the Palestinians are mentioned, mention terrorism so that terror in the world’s mind is associated with the Palestinians.”

The conclusion I arrived at from my reading how our enemies think is I have no doubt today that the one who gave these criminals the status of “Islamic Takfiris” is Zionism, because it is destroying our countries and distorting the image of Islam in the world. Events in Syria and all the investigations conducted with the terrorists have shown that they know nothing about Islam, do not read the Koran, do not pray, and have nothing to do with the tolerant Islamic religion, but they were given the tittle“Islamists” even though they are just gangs of murderous criminals, with the purpose of distorting the image of Islam in the world, and to associate the name of Islam with terrorism in the minds of world opinion. A recent UN study found that fighters in Syria lack a basic understanding of Islam and that economic factors, social marginalization, and the bright promises of plentiful lives, money and even wives were behind the recruitment of mercenaries from different parts of the world.

Today, after Syria foiled all their plans with the steadfastness and sacrifices of its people, its army and the support of brothers and friends, the strategic reports issued by the Zionist research centers praised the role played by this entity by calling for continued deep interference of the United States and the continued attrition of Syria. If terrorism is defeated, the focus should be on dividing Syria into weak and helpless entities. If this proves to be difficult, then it is necessary to use people who are guaranteed to distance themselves from the axis of resistance and to engage in normalizing relations with this entity.

In the same studies, the continued focus on the danger of US-Russian rapprochement, with the call to turn remaining ISIS terrorists into guerrilla groups in order for them to remain active in the heart of the Syrian and Iraqi desert, along with groups in the Sinai Peninsula. This clearly indicates that the Zionist entity is the sponsor of these groups in these countries and is keen on their survival. The Israeli reports contend that the main obstacle in the implementation of their plans is that the Syrian state and its institutions, specifically the army and security services, have proved to be stronger than expected and did not implode, the same way they did in Libya and Yemen.

The Israeli strategic report of July 2017 listed four possible scenarios in Syria:

First, the scenario of resolving the war and winning it.
Second, the continuation of the war.
Third,a de facto partition.
Fourth, the destruction of the state apparatus.

For any of these scenarios to work, they hope for the Syrian state to collapse from the inside. Therefore, the defeat of the Takfiri project must mean for us the start of the battle of building and fortification, because the defeat of their project does not necessarily mean the victory of our project, unless we strengthen the structures of the state, the army and the people.

We need to remedy any weaknesses and chart the steps that guarantee the immunity of the nation and the people, and the emergence of generations worthy of carrying this message. This is the wisest way to benefit from of the sacrifices of the martyrs and the wounded, and to live up to the hopes attached to this great victory in Arab history.

Dr Bouthaina Shaaban, Political and Media Advisor to Syrian President, Bashar Al Assad

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