Urgent call for Actions of Solidarity with Venezuela, Against External Interference

Secretariat of Social Movements Towards ALBA –
Brazil and Secretariat of the International People’s Assembly

Sao Paulo, August 9th 2017
To Peoples’ Movements from Latin America and the World

Dear Comrades,

We are all following the gravity of Venezuela’s social and political crisis. We are following the degree of violence adopted by the rightist forces that have already caused the deaths of many people. There was the audacity to attack a barracks, trying to cause more victims, by civilians trained in Miami and Colombia, by right-wing forces.

Maduro’s government and the progressive forces of Venezuela sought in the Constituent Assembly a way to renegotiate the country’s social agreements, which showed broad support from the Venezuelan people with the participation of more than 8 million voters in the election on July 30, despite of all difficulties.

Right-wing Deputies have publicly said that their tactic is to produce more violence, more chaos, with wide international media coverage, to provoke foreign intervention in the country. Regrettably, this tactic was also explained by the Spanish Former President, Mr. Felipe Gonzalez.

Trump’s government, without any moral or legitimacy, is trying to influence Venezuela’s course by enacting sanctions on eleven people from Maduro’s Government, including the President and several ministers, forbidding them from visiting the United States and blocking personal property if they have in dependencies of the United States (see news on this link).

The Brazilian coupist Government hastily called for a Mercosur meeting to suspend Venezuela’s rights. Soon an illegitimate government and with support of only 3% of the Brazilian population, dares to sanction the Venezuelan government, for lack of democracy!

In the face of all these consultations made in various movements in Brazil and Latin America, we call:

1) ALL PEOPLE’S MOVEMENTS OF BRAZIL, LATIN AMERICA AND THE WORLD TO EXPRESS unrestricted solidarity to Venezuelan people, for the government and the process of the constituent assembly, as the sovereign and legitimate right of the Venezuelan people to define the course of their country.

2) ORGANIZE “COMMITTEES FOR PEACE IN VENEZUELA”: We suggest that you organize in as many cities and countries as possible. The character of the committees is that they are Broad and Unitarian, with popular and political organizations, activists, artists, intellectuals, etc. The Committee can organize various types of solidarity actions.

3) ORGANIZE PUBLIC MANIFESTATIONS AGAINST THE INTROMISION OF THE US GOVERNMENT IN MATTERS FROM OTHER COUNTRIES: As denounced by Julian Assange, the Trump government wants to create a new Iraq in South America, we cannot shut up.

4) USE THE MOST VARIOUS FORMS OF MANIFESTATIONS: Sending this message to US government and the people of the United States, through street actions, political acts, cultural acts and also communication actions in all possible vehicles.

5) WE PROPOSE ON AUGUST 22, “INTERNATIONAL DAY OF SOLIDARITY WITH VENEZUELA”: Which we’ll make simultaneous actions in several cities of the world, directing us to the embassies, consulates and companies of the USA to deliver our letter and to express our indignation with the actions practiced against the Government and the Venezuelan People.

6) PUBLIC LETTER FOR COLLECTION OF SIGNATURES: See the attached letter to the Government, Parliamentarians and Organizations of the United States. We count on the support of all to:

  • Disseminate in your print media and on the web / social networks
  • Sign and Collect new accessions of: Popular Movements, Political Organizations, Parliamentarians, intellectuals, artists
  • Send Complete Names, Organization / Profession and Country of the subscribers until August 20, 2017 to the email: secretaria@asambleadelospueblos.org

We count on the contribution of everyone in this endeavor that will require of us a lot of commitment and generosity to maximize the process of unitary construction centered on the defense of the Bolivarian Revolution, the Government of Nicolás Maduro and the new National Constituent Assembly installed in the country.

We are available for any questions.

Bolivarian Cheers!

Joao Pedro Stédile
Operative Secretariat of People’s Movements Towards ALBA – Brazil

Jaime Amorim
MST – International Via Campesina

Paola Estrada
Secretariat of the International People’s Assembly

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