Venezuela: Historic Day Dawns on National Constituent Assembly

By Luis Beaton Caracas, Jul 31 (Prensa Latina) It is easily said, but difficult to reach, eight million 89 thousand 320 Venezuelans made it possible that today the country has a new Constituent Assembly elected to advance understanding and peace among all political forces.

The ancient Venezuelan capital that on July 25 turned 450 years old, awoke this Monday with the calm that only in peace can be enjoyed.

The noise of home-made mortars that in the shadows of night opposition extremists detonated to frighten citizens and prevent them from casting their votes is not heard today.

That vote was not for the government, this is constitutional despite some domestic sectors and others self-defined as democratic abroad, was an exercise to create an environment of understanding, looking for peace.

Venezuelans reached victory, it was not for president Nicolas Maduro, undoubtedly a protagonist of this effort with the first morning vote of a Venezuelan, it was for the people of Bolivasr, tired of the guarimbas, the traffic clots, the ‘bachaqueo’, the economic war and the promotion of violence.

Dawns in Venezuela to say a blunt NO to those who want the people to kneel before alien interests to the national desire, before the aspirants to world emperors and before servile governments whioch anticipate sanctions and announce to disown the will of those on foot.

Behind was the night of this Sunday, when hundreds of Venerzuelans met at the plaza Bolivar of Caracas, to await the first bulletin of the National Electoral Council (CNE) with the figure of citizen participation in the electoral process held this July 30, in which the Venezuelan people was called on to elect 537 members of the National Constituent Assembly (ANC in Spanish) which will be installed in the next few days.

Almost at midnight, the Electoral Power informed the nation the number that reaffirmed Chavism is the biggest political force of Venezuela, despite opposers, the so-called Mesa para la Unidad Democratica (MUD), deny to admit their defeat.

The millions that attended the polls reaffirmed through their vote, secret and direct, in a transparent and auditable process, their vocation for peace and the deeply democratic nature of the Bolivarian Revolution that, in 18 years, has held 21 election processes.

A new day in Venezuela lights up the way to banish the threats of hatred and sabotage declared and carried out by the national right-wing forces with the support of despicable governments that look to Washington to say their word against the process started by Commander Hugo Chavez.

The new phase of transformations announced by Maduro dawns today to new tasks in the economic, political and cultural fields.’A new attitude, conduct and methods to do away with corruption and promote popular organization’, he said.

‘As elected constituents we have the commitment with the homeland, we cannot fail the Venezuelan people. We have to leave our lives behind to make a reality the project of emancipation founded by Liberator Simon Bolivar’, stressed the president at the shadow of the statue of Bolivar.


Maduro Thanks International Solidarity with Venezuela

Caracas, Jul 31 (Prensa Latina) Venezuela”s President Nicolas Maduro thanked today the international solidarity with this South American nation, particularly the nations that have directly backed up the Sunday elections to set up a National Constituent Assembly.

‘The word ‘Constituent’ already begins to sound in towns, neighborhoods, factories of a Latin America that rises in a new wave of liberating and popular struggle,’ Maduro stressed, after the news that more than eight million people voted to elect a new National Constituent Assembly (ANC) was reported.

The Venezuelan Head of State rejected that the U.S. government of President Donald Trump ‘insists on interfering in the internal affairs of Venezuela.’

He also regretted that the right-wing opposition sectors ‘cooperate with imperial axes to attack the nation, victim of a financial blockade they boosted during 2016, along with the violence promoted since April this year.’

Maduro also highlighted the commitment by the Bolivarian government he leads ‘for defending the people and continuing a revolutionary process focused on consolidating a state of equal and inclusive.’

‘I swear for the infinite love of the legacy of Commander Hugo Chavez that, with the heroic example the people has given today with more than eight million votes, I am going to dedicate my whole life to a deep revival of justice, equality, so this Revolution recovers,’ Maduro said.