UN General Assembly Honors Padre Miguel d’Escoto

28 Jul 2017 –  The United Nations Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy: report of the Secretary-General (A/71/858) [item 118]
Report of the Secretary-General (A/71/858)

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The General Assembly will also pay tribute to the memory of His Excellency Miguel d’Escoto Brockmann, President of the sixty-third session of the General Assembly.

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Special Tribute from the UN General Assembly to Father Miguel d’Escoto Brockmann

Tributo Especial de la Asamblea General de la ONU al Padre Miguel D’Escoto Brockmann

Statement by the Nicaraguan Representative to the United Nations General Assembly

Mr. President, please receive our deep gratitude for this special tribute today for the outstanding revolutionary priest, Father Miguel D’Escoto Brockmann, whom we call in all justice, the Chancellor of dignity, of the dignity of Nicaragua, and from that position, defender of the dignity of the peoples of North America, and of the peoples of the world and also former president of the General Assembly of the United Nations.

On June 8, with deep consternation and pain, the Government of Reconciliation and National Unity and the Presidency of the Republic of Nicaragua communicated the unexpected departure to another life,  of Father Miguel, who happened to accompany us in the fulfillment of the aspirations and dreams of our people, from that other plane, where for us Christians, is with Jesus Christ, Redeemer of the world.

Miguel D’Escoto Brockmann, Sandinista, militant, intellectual, communicator, theologian, unrepeatable figure of our revolution, lived for the humble, and walked with the poor  of the world, the intense paths of recovery of dignity, rights , and the immovable faith in social justice; That faith that mobilizes us Christians and the revolutionaries alike, to keep changing the world.

A better world, a world of love, it is possible, unforgettable, indispensable …! That was the motto of Miguel, father, missionary, Excellency Chancellor, companion, patriot, Nicaraguan by grace of God, who fully assumed until his last minutes the commitment to fight without fatigue, without cowardice,  for that world and the  Nicaragua that we want and and for which we must do,  above all, our best.

Father Miguel was an exemplary dear brother, spiritual guide, extraordinary representative of our people and of all the peoples of the earth who cry out for justice.

He, like the rain, has been the Sower of Life. Sower of Life, in Chile, with the most humble Families, with the poorest Families there, practicing the Gospel.

Sowing life in Nicaragua in times of pain, tragedy. When the Earthquake in 1972 shook Nicaragua, there was Miguel, immediately, sowing hope (Esperanza), and therefore life (vida) .

Sower of life, as the multiplier of the ideal and the Christian principle of justice.  And he did this in the United States from the Maryknoll Order, and then he did it traveling to impoverished regions of different continents, particularly Africa.

And there Miguel was linked with the thought of leaders of developing countries,  countries that fought for independence, that fought against colonialism; leaders like Julius Nyerere, that great African Leader of Christian roots.

Meeting with their ideas with leaders from the different continents, and also from the developed countries, where from priests, religious, lay, intellectuals, they met with Miguel’s thought, and Miguel’s thought was with the thought of that community of men and women who have struggled and continue to strive for peace on our planet.

All that cultural wealth that he had been accumulating, he gave it fully to the struggle, so that Nicaragua could become even more closely associated with all those peoples, and that the struggle for peace could be better placed in the face of the aggression suffered by our people.

When Nicaragua resumed the government in 2007, it promoted the candidacy of Miguel for the President of the General Assembly. The support of all the developing countries, who knew him very well, knew of his ideas, of his principles, of his practice. Latin America, the Caribbean and the Non-Aligned Movement immediately gave their full support.

And in the United Nations, where today more than ever it is clear that a profound reform and re-foundation is needed so that in a new context all countries have equal duties and equal rights, let us be all that we can really assure the peace that they demand so much the peoples of the world.

He raised that flag with a great force, with a great conviction, and his testimony is written; his ideas, his proposals are written and accompanied by his practice. Until the last moment Miguel was convinced that this is a battle that we must continue to fight.

A true believer and defender of International Law and Equality of States, of multilateralism, of the G193 as Father Miguel called this General Assembly, an unassailable defender of the sovereignty of our peoples, particularly the defense of small countries against powerful, is a matter of justice and respect for International Law, and tespect for United Nations Organizations, and respect for the International Court of Justice.

Miguel firmly believed in the fundamental role of the International Court of Justice in the attainment of Peace and the peaceful settlement of disputes. And it was that thought that won the greatest victory in the international arena that Nicaragua reached in those difficult times of our history.

Miguel will continue to accompany us, because his Ideas, his Light does not go out with this transit and will accompany us in the daily battle that we will continue to fight, for Justice, for Freedom, for Sovereignty, for Peace, for our Peoples.

And that is why, we have safely shaped our Constitution, these principles, Christian, Socialism and Solidarity, which are what have allowed us to build peace and stability in our country.

In his contribution as a Revolutionary Priest, he fulfilled the Christian mandate in the pursuit of egalitarian solidarity and was consistent with his action to fight human egoism and social injustices even in his last years, defending from his position as President of the General Assembly of United Nations, the world’s principles of sovereignty and self-determination of peoples.

Palestine always had a special place in Father Miguel, he felt the pain and suffering of the Palestinian people as his own. Peace in the Middle East was always in his thoughts and prayers, he longed to see Jews and Arabs living in peace and harmony.

That is the character, the attitude, of Miguel, and that is the Legacy he leaves us: to face all the challenges, with faith.  And from faith comes strength and the ability to keep on walking. despite the challenges, despite the difficulties, walking with hope and confidence in the victories we are building, step by step.

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