Foro de São Paulo Resolution in Solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution and the Constituent Assembly

The XXIII Meeting of the Forum of Sao Paulo, meeting in Managua, Nicaragua, Central America, from July 15 to 19, 2017, approved the following Resolution of solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution and on the election of the Constituent Assembly in The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, on the basis of the following considerations:

From the first days of April to the present, the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and the Government of President Nicolás Maduro Moros, faces an escalation of violence promoted by the Venezuelan right, which already leaves more than one hundred fatal victims, wounded, All kinds, and a climate of anxiety and concern in the vast majority of Venezuelans and Venezuelans.

The purpose of the plan developed by the right is the overthrow of the constitutional government, expressly raised by the most extreme sector of the Democratic Unity Table (MUD) and in close conspiracy with the Secretary General of the OAS, Luis Almagro, The region, and all this under the leadership of the Government of the United States of America that remains committed to its policy of intervention in matters that only the Venezuelans competes.

It is well known that in the three opportunities that the OAS has tried to impose a “tutelage” on Venezuela have failed, the sensibility and respect for the norms of the OAS and International Law and the firm position of most of the nations that integrate that organization, has prevailed.

It is also necessary to emphasize the many manifestations of solidarity that have spread throughout the continent and in the rest of the world, the progressive and democratic forces of the world, little by little, the truth wins the battle to the lie spread by the powerful apparatus the United States and its allies. Never before in history has a nation been subjected to such a fierce and persistent campaign of discredit and defamation. The objective of such a campaign is none other than to prepare the conditions for a foreign intervention in Venezuela.

It is important to point out that President Nicolás Maduro’s undefeatable and firm position has been to call the Dialogue to all political and social sectors, without any exclusion, so that by the end of 2016, with the cooperation of Pope Francisco, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, Leonel Fernández and Martín Torrijos, and the then Secretary General of UNASUR, Ernesto Samper, met a delegation from the Government with another from the MUD, and a common agenda was reached, but immediately the MUD left the table of dialogue and broke any possibility of agreement. Within days, with the election of the new Directive of the National Assembly controlled by the MUD, the strategy of violence of the right was evidenced.

It should be noted that while the right closes possibilities of reaching political agreements internally, an international action is deployed to promote a de facto siege on the Venezuelan economy, which has aimed to liquidate the process of moderate recovery that is experiencing the economy Venezuelan government, after a period of serious difficulties as a result of the economic war on the right and the precipitous drop in oil prices, which, as everyone knows, is the cornerstone of the Venezuelan economy.

Therefore, we greet President Nicolás Maduro’s call for constituent, original and popular power and, therefore, reject the response of the right who have sought to impose their agenda of violence and blood;

We salute that the National Constituent Assembly, to vote this July 30, 2017,  who will prepare a new Magna Carta submitted to Referendum, establishing the conditions for national reconciliation based on justice.

We salute the reiterated call of the Bolivarian Government to initiate a constructive dialogue for peace, with the cooperation of Pope Francisco and the Group of Friends, for which we express our support for the effort for peace and political stability in Venezuela, which means the convocation of The National Constituent Assembly and reiterate our unrestricted support for the National Dialogue between all political and social forces and, we ratify our rejection of any interventionist policy against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

We strongly condemn the actions of the coup government of Michel Temer to attack the Venezuelan government and propose that the neighboring country cancel the process of election of the National Constituent Assembly (ANC) on July 30. The usurpers of Brazil conducted an uninformed analysis on a consultation carried out on Venezuelan laws, in which an inaccurate number of voters were consulted to say yes or no to the Constituent Assembly. The Brazilian government also improperly made comments without knowledge of cause on the rules governing the election to the ANC, established by a sovereign power – the Electoral Power –  in accordance with the Constitution in force in the country.

As for the character of the Brazilian government and the methods with which the President of the Republic and his Chancellor conduct foreign policy, exchanging missives with hitmen condemned by the Venezuelan judiciary, the note from Itamaraty is not surprising. But the conduct is reprehensible, considering the traditions of the House of Rio Branco, which has constituted for decades, since the beginning of the twentieth century, one of the most conceptualized diplomacies of the modern world.

The government of Michel Temer disqualifies these traditions, while violating the Federal Constitution, whose Article 4 establishes that Brazil is governed in its international relations, among others, by the principles of self-determination of peoples and nonintervention. The position taken by the Brazilian government is an open interference in the internal affairs of a sovereign country, therefore a flagrant violation of these constitutional principles and is assumed against proposals for national dialogue, pacification, political stability and resumption of economic development, which Are among the objectives enunciated by the government of the neighboring country, in announcing the cancellation of the process of the election of the National Constituent Assembly in Venezuela. Thus, the coup regime provides a service to US imperialism and to the backward forces in Venezuela and the region, who want to impose their designs through violence, including foreign intervention.

We also condemn this position as well as governments and parliaments lacking any political morality and which are instruments of the hegemonic interest of US imperialism.

With Venezuela all and all, against Venezuela nobody will pass.

Done in Managua, Nicaragua, Central America, on the 19th day of July 2017


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