Founding of the National Council of Indigenous Women of Colombia

“The launch of the National Council of Indigenous Women in Colombia. Indigenous women build peace in their sub-territories.”

Representatives of several Colombian tribes gathered in Bogota on Monday to form the National Council of Indigenous Women of Colombia, Conamic, an organization formed to help Indigenous people have their voices heard.

“We want to weave roads and alliances with women’s organizations to strengthen the Indigenous movement and to influence the national and international order so that the voice and the feminine vision will be incorporated into all kinds of agreements reached in our land,” Genith Quitiaquez, the newly formed Conamic’s spokeswoman, told EFE.

At the launch of Conamic event at Bogota’s public library, Biblioteca Publica Virgilio Barco, members said the new body will fight for the native peoples’ rights of all ethnicities in the fields of culture, territory, and autonomy.

She warned that Indigenous women suffer from issues such as domestic violence, land scarcity and access to decent living standards.

“We have not been allowed to say what is for us the ‘good life’ and what peace we want Indigenous women,” said Quitiaquez who represents the tribe located in the department of Nariño, bordering Ecuador.

Quitiaquez who governed her native reservation and formed the women’s commission of her tribe said that the council will have representatives of 10 Indigenous communities in the country to generate an “ethical pact” of inclusion that integrates the “colors of knowledge of Colombia.”

The Indigenous leader also stressed that the council is more a social movement than a political one that allows Indigenous women in the country “to exercise their citizenship.”

“The Indigenous communities are very diverse and the customs and customs are varied, but when we go to the source we see that in order to achieve harmony, we need the strength of men and women, we will not do it without indigenous women,” she added.