Venezuela: Plan República Deploys 232,000 Troops to Protect Elections

To protect the population, to guard the electoral material and guarantee citizens can freely access voting centers  July 30  when the representatives to the National Constituent Assembly are chosen, is the task of more than 232 thousand personnel of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (Fanb) that were deployed Friday  beginning Plan República .

Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino López called on the members of the FANB to respect and enforce the rules set by the Electoral Power and protect the citizens that will vote in the elections, where 537 of the 545 constituents will be chosen.

“Our task is to protect Venezuelan people who will come out to exercise their right to vote, an essential Constitutional right. Anything that disrupts the rights of citizens will be met with a strong  response.”

The Minister stressed that the FANB has sufficient training and knowledge of the electoral processes, as they have participated in 19 elections in the last 18 years.

The more than 232,000 troops of the FANB will be deployed in 14,515 polling stations arranged for the elections.

“Article 55 (of the Constitution) orders us to guarantee security.  Enshrined in state  security laws,  is the right to life and self-defense. We have full legal powers to act in the event of  threats and we will.”

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