Venezuela: Repudiation of the US Communiqué Against the Homeland of Bolivar

Repudiation of the Erratic Communiqué issued by the Government of the United States against the Homeland of Bolivar

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela repudiates the unusual statement published by the White House, yesterday 17/07/2017.

It is a document never seen before, which by its low level and poor quality, hinders the intellectual understanding of the intentions of the aggressor country.

Obviously, the US government is accustomed to humiliating other nations in its international relations and believes that it will receive in response the subordination to which it is accustomed. The trench that the US government is digging in its relations with Venezuela makes difficult a rational prediction of its actions for the entire international community.

The United States government unashamedly shows its absolute partiality with the violent and extremist sectors of Venezuelan politics, who favor the use of terrorism to overthrow a popular and democratic government.

The moral ruin of the Venezuelan opposition has led President Trump to commit an open aggression against a Latin American country. We do not know who could have written, let alone authorized, a communiqué of such conceptual and moral poverty.

The thin democratic veil of the Venezuelan opposition has fallen, and reveals the brutal interventionist force of the US government, which has been behind the violence suffered by the Venezuelan people in the last four months.

This is not the first time we have denounced and confronted threats as crazy as those contained in this unusual document.

We call on the peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean and the free peoples of the world to understand the magnitude of the brutal threat contained in this imperial communiqué and to defend sovereignty, self-determination and independence, fundamental principles of international law.

The original constituent power is contemplated in our Magna Carta and it is only up to the Venezuelan people. The National Constituent Assembly shall be elected by the direct, universal and secret vote of all Venezuelans and all Venezuelans, under the authority of the National Electoral Council as contemplated by our legal system. It is an act of political sovereignty of the Republic, nothing and nobody can stop it!

Today the Venezuelan people are free and will respond united to the insolent threat posed by a xenophobic and racist empire. The anti-imperialist thinking of the Liberator is more valid than ever:

“The United States seems destined by providence to plague America of misery in the name of freedom.” Simon Bolivar.

Caracas, July 18, 2017