MST Conducts Courses in Revolutionary Thought in Bahia

MST Communications in Bahia

In view of the current democratic instability and withdrawal of rights Brazil, the MST in Bahia has developed a strategic plan for this year – the realization of  political theory training courses in ten regions where the Movement is organized.

The training activities began in March and have occurred in eight regions of the state, maximizing the training of cadres and advancing the construction of a common project in the various sectors of the working class. In addition, strengthening ties of solidarity, forging militants who can act in the organicity of the struggles around the Earth, Agrarian Reform and Social Transformation.

Courses were held in the Chapada Diamantina, North, Northeast, São Francisco, South, Southern Low, South and Southwest, bringing together 500 more workers and landless workers.

Antônio Martins, from the state training sector, says that the next period will be one of struggle for the whole left, especially the working class that most understands the need for change, in order to deepen democracy and increase popular participation in the process of political transformation.

Of the constitutional reforms approved by the Michel Temer coup government (PMDB) that are detrimental to  the working class, he says,

“We are living through the political consequences of the crisis. Lenin already pointed out the reduction of democracy and the advance of fascism in the face of capitalist crises.”


In the agenda of the courses, some themes stood out, such as land titling, Social Security Reform, Labor Laws, the participation of Landless Youth, Gender Diversity, Network Security, Agroecology, MST Norms and principles, as well as the construction and planning for regional training actions for the next period.

For the direction of the Movement it is necessary to understand that the political formation has a specific goal and one of them is to extend the capacity of militancy to act in a conscious way in class struggles. For this, there must be a dedication to permanent study, and in this way, renewing and developing political consciousness in oneself and  others.