Consensus of Our America, Response to Imperial Offensive

Prensa Latina

Before the present geopolitical situation in Latin America and the Caribbean, social movements and left wing parties of the region decided to respond with a programatic document as struggle strategy in defense of unity.

It is the Consensus of Our America, whose draft was finished during a work session of the Sao Paulo Forum last January in Managua, capital that now is ready to host the 23th meeting of that multilateral mechanism in the framework of the 38th anniversary of the Sandinista Revolution.

The venue has a three-day program starting today, about 300 representatives of social movements and left wing parties will officially adopt the 24-page text, dedicated to the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro.

According to the document, the Consensus of Our America also contains principles, purposes, objectives and priorities, as well as a diagnosis of reality to be transformed in benefit of the majorities.

In that sense, the first programatic document offered by the Sao Paulo Forum to the progressive forces, not only of the region, but of all the world, adopts as principles democracy and social justice, liberty and the common good, peace and ethics, citizen security and the fight against corruption.

To that is added the unity of political and social organizations, the struggle against all forms of discrimination, solidarity between peoples, patriotism and internationalism.

On the other hand, it warms that today, humanity is subject to the offensive of a speculative, financial capitalism in constant crisis.

‘The accumulation of capital is leading to the concentration and centalization of it, under the neoliberal policies focused on privatization and private appropriation of state enterprises, as well as the use of public funds to socialize the losses of private enterprises’, it points out.

A reality called to be transformed from different positions, starting from the specific conditions of each country and in a context where the aggressiveness of capitalism is projected to the inside of societies and in a global scale in a frenzied way.

In that sense and with a marked sense of urgency, it is presented like an open challenge the struggle of Venezuela, whose people isdemntifioed with the Bolivarian Revolution has showed a high capacity of resistance.

This challenge extends also, more recently, from Brazil with slandering attacks on former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, founder together with Fidel Castro of the Sao Paulo Forum.

At the same time, the document alerts that the brutal offensive destined to vacate progressive and left wing forces from all social, political a institutional spaces, indicates the need to accelerate the pace in the construction of new paradigms.

In the opinion of Forum participants, Nicaragua has a lot to contribute to that debate from its own specificity and universality, by sustaining under the condujction of the Frente Sandinista de Liberacion Nacional (FSLN) a project self-defined as Christian, socialist and supportive in solidarity.

Manágua, Nicarágua
July 15-19, 2017