The Judicial Operation Condor

E. Raúl Zaffaroni

Without “Falcon” or sirens, with no “liberated” zones and no kidnappings, a “judicial Operation Condor” extends through the Southern Cone. A political prison like that of Milagro Sala and her companions, rather seems anachronistic, out of season and, precisely for that reason, is a scandal and an international shame for all Argentines, because it compromises the very image of our nation.

In place of these obsolete measures -which it was part of earlier stages of colonialism-, Mercosur is now expanding a new tactic in the well-known strategy of neutralizing those who can offer some serious electoral resistance to the progress of corporate totalitarianism in our countries. Which, at the same time, is functional for the discrediting of the policy, not less objective so that its place is occupied by the “chief executives officers” of the transnational companies.

It is to eliminate from any electoral contest and by judicial means any leader or popular leader capable of winning an election to the candidates of the corporations or to other similar vendepatrias, committed to indebted with singular and never before seen celeridad.

To that end, some obedient judges are sufficient, whose motivations are to manipulate the intelligence services and the managers and agents of the corporations, especially media, and that can be fear, servility, prebends, promises or hopes of cupolas promotion, comfort, political aspiration or Simple desire for stardom.

Cristina’s cases are well-known, with an astounding imputation of “treason to the Fatherland”, which overlooks the clear and express letter of our constitutional definition; By an operation to term that ended up benefiting the friends of the ruling party and harmed the Central Bank by imprudence of the current executive (at best); Or for an imaginary extra cost in the rental of a hotel.

No less absurd is the case of Lula, interrogated by a small department in a spa of lesser prestige, that was never in his name or visited, but that responds to the impulse of the strongest media monopoly in South America, creator of a judicial star Favorite

Less known is how this judicial “Condor Plan” is operating in the case of Fernando Lugo, the former president of Paraguay. Paraguayan electoral justice has decided that any political force that favors the election of Fernando Lugo as candidate for president incurs “malicious propaganda”, with the strange peculiarity that Lugo still did not present his candidacy.

That is to say, that his candidacy has not been contested, because he has not presented it, but for the doubts, it is condemned to all who pretend that it becomes candidate. For that, the electoral justice was improperly attributed the competence to interpret the Constitution, which, incidentally, did in a very unique way: art. 229 of the Paraguayan Constitution says that the president can not be reelected in any case.

The rational reading of this provision allows us to understand that it refers to the current president, but the curious interpretation of Paraguayan electoral justice is that who was once president can never be in his life. In other words: Lugo is, for the justice of his country, incapable of perpetuity.

But of the nonsense of this new “Condor Plan” nobody is saved, nor Jose (Pepe) Mujica, who lives in a farm and no one could find a weight, not even well. The character worries the new totalitarianism of the “executives”, due to their national and international popularity, without the repeated manifestations of “Pepe” in the sense that he does not want to return to the presidency to calm them down.

The issue began with the publication of three pamphlets called “books,” those written by “journalists” and soon sold by weight in the old bookshops, linking Mujica with assaults committed by ex-tupas in the 1990s, which were, by the way, apprehended and condemned at the time. To the “books” of the journalists were added the statements of a former police chief of the equivalent of our section “robberies and thefts” at the time of the dictatorship, whose second was condemned, precisely, tortures.

This was the material with which the opposition minority tried to create an investigative commission in the Senate, disrupted by the speech of Mujica himself, which neither his enemies were encouraged to respond. But with those same elements a prosecutor is urged to reopen the cases closed decades ago.

It is fair to say that the new transnational corporate totalitarianism and its local allies care very little about the damage that this “Condor Plan” can do to democracy, but on the contrary, that is what they are looking for, that is, the loss of prestige. politics.

But at the same time they are provoking a deeper denigration of justice. Not only will anyone in the future take seriously the decisions of judges who lend themselves to functionally replacing the “Falcon” trunks, but runs the risk of extending the doubt over all judges.

It will be difficult to convince our Peoples that there are still judges in our countries. And even more: if the judges must “say the right”, the distrust runs the risk of extending to the law itself, to the institutionality itself.

The genocides of the “Falcon” of the old “Condor” decimated a generation of their future leaders more worried about social injustice, but this new “Condor” attempts to destroy confidence not only in politics but in the basic institutions of our Republics and in the law itself.

We must be extremely careful with this, because when the right is despised, there is no other way than that of violence. Fortunately, our Peoples are intuitive and peaceful, although they consciously do not believe much in the law – because their promises were almost always scathing – they know that the way of violence is a trap and that, in the end, the dead are always those who They are on his side. Our main task must be to reinforce this conviction.