Venezuela: Supreme Court Delivers Justice for Victims of Opposition Violence

Delcy Rodriguez, president of Commission for Truth, Justice, Attention of Victims and Peace, stressed that members of the committee of victims of violence have taught a historical lesson by complying with the decision of the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ, Spanish acronym), which granted home arrest to Leopoldo Lopez, who is serving a sentence of almost 14 years for crimes of public incitement, damage to property, arson and conspiracy after launching in 2014 the coup plan “The Exit”, which caused the killing of 43 Venezuelans and more than 800 injured.

“We want to welcome that, overcoming even their particular pain, they took a step forward and told the country: ‘we may not agree with this decision, which, as you and the people of Venezuela and the international community also well know, but if this opens the door to peace and dialogue in Venezuela, we welcome it,” Rodriguez said Saturday in statements to state media.

She said the National Constituent Assembly (ANC), called by President Nicolas Maduro, has as one of its main objectives the transformation of the justice system to curb impunity and preserve peace.

“The Constituent Assembly will make it possible to correct and reinforce the rule of law, to attend to and modify the penal system, to deal with everything related to due process, and the axis of the whole criminal system focused on victims,” said the former Foreign Minister.

She was grateful for Maduro’s proposal to preside over the Truth Commission in the constituent process, after electing the representatives of this body on July 30.

“We will do the great work of national reconciliation, no more deaths, no more violence. Let’s hope the opposition leadership takes a step forward to abandon violence as a political strategy,” she said.

AVN –10/07/2017