Venezuela: Constituent Campaign Calls for Peace and Patriotic Commitment

Promoting dialogue with the engagement of all sectors to build a solid peace and a patriotic commitment is the message sent at the launch of the electoral campaign for the National Constituent Assembly, whose members will be elected July 30.

“We continue the path with love! with love and a firm step, we are going to the Constituent Assembly, in the hope of building a solid peace among all, so that the future of Venezuela may be bright and glorious,” President Nicolas Maduro said in a message released in his Facebook account.

On May 1, Maduro called on the original power, based on what the Constitution says, to stop the right’s attempts to impose violence as a political strategy; to protect democracy and defend sovereignty.

In compliance with the schedule announced by the National Electoral Council, the electoral campaign began Sunday, July 9, for candidates to present their proposals to communities of the country.

Among the proposals put forward by Constituent Assembly’s candidates is to include in the Constitution social rights and policies that protect the historically excluded population and strengthen 1999’s Constitution promoted by the leader of the Bolivarian Revolution, Hugo Chavez.

Another of the primary tasks of the ANC is to create a justice system that will compensate victims of violence fostered by opposition sectors in the last 100 days.

Commitment to justice and peace

“We are here at the moment, at the beginning of the constituent campaign, making a commitment to the people, the Revolution, the legacy of Chavez, President Nicolas Maduro and commitment to peace,” said candidate Cilia Flores at the opening act of campaign held in Caracas.

In the activity, the also candidate Delcy Rodriguez, said that with this election the people will mark a new future for the country, “the possibility for people to continue to display their creative and working powers.”

The candidate Iris Varela, for her part, pointed out that faced with terrorism and violence undermining democratic stability, it is essential to transform the justice system that will stop impunity.

“To achieve the stability of the country, there must be justice. First of all, the damage caused by violent groups promoted by the ultra-right, our proposal is to impose justice and close the doors to fascism and betrayal,” she said.

The also candidate Diosdado Cabello, said the ANC should discuss to ban those opposition leaders who have called for violence from public office. “It must be the instrument to achieve peace and to do justice,” he said.

Cabello urged candidates to become spokesmen of Venezuelan citizens and listen to their proposals.

The popular protagonism was another feature of this election highlighted by hopeful Gilberto Pinto Blanco. “On July 30, it will be visible the faces of people with disabilities, pensioners, educators, women, students and all the patriots who want the peace of Venezuela.”

A step inside the Constitution and laws

“We will do what we have to do to preserve peace, based on the Constitution and current laws,” said candidate Adan Chavez from Barinas state.

For her part, the candidate from Lara state, Carmen Melendez, said the call for a plebiscite made by the opposition for July 16 is not foreseen by the national constitution and seeks to promote more violence.

“The right called for a plebiscite that is not foreseen by the Constitution, because it is a mechanism used by dictators,” she said, recalling that it was a mechanism used by Marcos Perez Jimenez in Venezuela and Augusto Pinochet in Chile.

“I wonder: who are within the Constitution? We, the Bolivarian Revolution, the patriots who want a free and sovereign homeland,” she emphasized.

Faced with attempts by the right to destroy the process of national meeting “each vote will be a ratification of the battle for peace,” said Jorge Rodriguez from Vargas state.

Meanwhile, in Aragua state, Elias Jaua urged citizens to become active at any time to deepen democracy. “The people can clear the horizon of the country for the deepening of the revolution,” he said.

The campaign will run for 19 days, until 27 July, three days before the election of the 545 members of the National Constituent Assembly, among 6,120 candidates, to be held on July 30.

AVN –10/07/2017