Strengthening Peace, Security,Magna Carta are the Proposals for the Constituent Assembly

Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro said Thursday the National Constituent Assembly (ANC, Spanish acronym), whose members will be elected on July 30, will have three fundamental objectives to strengthen the well-being of the country and the Venezuelan people.

“The constituent assembly for 2017 has three objectives: first, to achieve peace and justice, transforming the state and changing everything that needs to be changed, (secondly) to establish legal and social security for the people and the third is to perfect and expand 1999 Pioneering Constitution,” he said in a joint radio and television address.

He also stated that this constituent process, established in article 347 of the Magna Carta, has many other objectives different from the country’s pioneering Constitution, promoted by the commander and leader of the Bolivarian Revolution, Hugo Chavez.

“The 1999 constituent assembly had only one fundamental objective, to make a new constitution”, he said, while remembering that on February 15, 1819 –with the Congress of Angostura– the Liberator Simon Bolivar convened the first constituent process, in order to perfecting the Constitution of 1811 and adapting it to the new independence plans of the region.

He said this new constitution will guarantee the peace and stability of the nation, attacked in recent months by opposition sectors that have financed and orchestrated violent groups.

“This Constituent Assembly, we are going to elect on July 30, has several missions to fulfill. The first of which is peace, achieving peace through dialogue, national understanding not with the political elite of opposition coalition MUD. To them we have to talk, but we also have to talk to the neighbor of the neighborhood, the community, a great constituent dialogue,” he said.

Constituent for peace

The ANC is the only way left to us to achieve peace and stability in Venezuela, which is being violated by extremist sectors of the opposition, President reiterated.

“On July 30, people will be choosing between peace and war, between independence or American intervention, between tolerance and inclusion versus hatred, persecution and intolerance. Peace has a single name: National Constituent Assembly,” he stressed.

In this election, 537 constituent members will be elected: 173 sectoral members –among workers, students, communes, peasants and fishermen, pensioners, people with disabilities and entrepreneurs– and 364 territorial ones, one per municipality, two by state capitals and seven by Capital District.

Such event “is quite something, it is not just another election, no, maybe July 30 election is the most important election we have had,” he stressed, adding that national peace is at stake.

In that sense, he stated that from now on the necessary proposals to be submitted for the approval of the Constituent Assembly must be organized and prepared, in order to further shield the social achievements.

Three key laws

In the activity, the President said he would propose to the ANC a bill that would give plenipotentiary powers to the Commission for Truth, Justice and Peace.

“A constitutional law that gives plenipotentiary powers to the Commission for Truth, Justice and Peace. The commission that prosecutes and establishes the truth of all the crimes that have been committed during the violent riots in 2017. The commission of truth, justice, a commission of peace.”

He stressed he will also propose a draft constitutional law aimed at regularizing prices, in order to combat speculation, rooted in the country in recent years, through the economic war perpetrated by opposition sectors.

“The first law that I am going to present to the constituent assembly is a law to combat price speculation and establish a regulation of all prices, with iron hands. An economy law, a constitutional law,” he said.

These proposals –said the President– will be part of the legal instruments to be submitted to the National Constituent Assembly, that will be installed in the Federal Legislative Palace within 72 hours after announcement of its members.

“This is why the Constituent Assembly is the solution, because it will have all the original plenipotentiary power of the whole nation, of the whole Republic. It is the only way, the only democratic, free option,” Maduro said.

He further underlined that when the ANC –made up of 545 members– is set up, he as head of state will present as draft law, the 1999 Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to be expanded and perfected.

“I am going to present the pioneer (constitution), so that it is adapted with national intelligence, with the national debate and to perfect the social, labor rights and duties, to build a new non-oil economic model, post-oil, and after we perfect that constitution made by the people, it will go to a referendum and it will be up to you to say whether you approve or not the new enlarged, improved constitution, let the people decide,” he added.

AVN –07/07/2017