Mothers Deplore Opposition Exploitation of Children in Vandalism and Terrorist Acts

Venezuela’s Violent Right Wing Exploitation of Children

Movements of mothers marched from Plaza Bolivar to the Public Ministry (MP, Spanish acronym) in downtown Caracas, to reject the use of children and adolescents in the vandalism and terrorist actions promoted by opposition sectors in the country since last April.

Members of the National Union of Women (UNAMUJER), Council for Protection of Children and Adolescents (CPNNA), Great Mission Homes of the Fatherland nd the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, among other organizations, attend the activity in which they demand speed in the investigations to punish those who use under-18s to encourage an armed sedition in the country.

“They are brainwashing innocent youths so they can come as cannon fodder to these marches, they are used for political purposes and we can no longer allow it,” said Mariana Yepez, a Venezuelan mother, who joined the march.

She also considered that mothers should be alert in their homes “guiding their children, so that they do not let themselves be deceived by these violent ones wanting to seize power at whatever cost.”

The deputy minister for the Defense of Women’s Rights, Marelis Perez Marcano, welcomed the march of the Venezuelan people against sectors seeking to increase violence in the country, which has recorded more than 70 dead in two and a half months.

“We are accompanying the mothers and families weeping today for their children as a result of this criminal use the fascist opposition has been making of our children and adolescents. The Venezuelan family wants justice and peace,” she said.

AVN –20/06/2017