Plaza Altamira, Venezuela. Plaza Maidan, Ukraine.

Iraida Vargas-Arenas, Mario Sanoja Obediente
Translated by Internationalist 360°

Image result for plaza AltamiraPlaza Altamira, Caracus

US imperialism and NATO imperialism act hand in hand in the world using a pre-established script called Color Revolutions to overthrow legally elected governments that do not submit to the dictates of their policy of world domination. This script is based on a strategy that aims at the creation of revolutionary subversive foci supported by the population, which according to the thesis advanced by Ché Guevara, should finally culminate in the overthrow of the regime. This would work particularly in countries with a low rate of socio-economic development. A posterior variant of the original foquismo was the creation of urban subversive centers or, as in the case of Venezuela during the sixties of the last century, the combination of the urban guerrilla and the peasant guerrilla to overthrow the capitalist regime of the IV Republic, sustained by Acción Democrática and Copei on behalf of US imperialism.

Despite the sophisticated preparation of the guerrilla forces, including the active support of sectors of the Venezuelan army and navy, it was not possible to obtain the decided support of the majority of the population to overthrow the Puntofijista regime and they had to capitulate during the first government of President Rafael Caldera. Nevertheless, the subversive networks developed by the leftist groups continued to operate clandestinely until 1999 when Comandante Chávez’s crushing electoral victory took place and these networks assumed the role of revolutionary political movements. This shows that the Venezuelan population did support a revolutionary change, but in a non-violent way. This experience should serve as a lesson to those who have now turned fascist terrorism into a strategy to forcibly overthrow the constitutional government of President Nicolas Maduro.

The creation of reactionary urban subversive centers using public squares located in areas where the population is mostly right-wing, had one of its first expressions in 2002 in Plaza Altamira de Chacao, a small middle-class upper-class municipality and big bourgeoisie in the east of Caracas with a surface area of ​​810 km2. Taking advantage of the predominantly counterrevolutionary tendency of the municipal population, the anti-Chavez organized in 2002, with the support of military dissidents, an urban subversive focus in Plaza Altamira, central place of the municipality, as a continuation of the failed coup and early oil sabotage of 2003, to overthrow the Bolivarian government of Hugo Chávez Frías. That violent subversive focus failed to obtain the support of the Venezuelan population.

The experience of Altamira was not wasted by the Empire. On the contrary, it was renewed and improved to be applied in 2014, in Plaza Maidan in Kiev, Ukraine. The Color Revolution or Euromaidan, had as its general objective, to separate Ukraine from the political and economic orbit of the Russian Federation and annex it to the European Union, and, consequently, to expel the Russian army and navy from its bases in the Crimean peninsula. Since  the People’s Republic of Ukraine was founded in 1919, and  was later  joined in 1921, with  the Russian RSS, Belarus and Transcaucasia. In 1954, the premier of the USSR, Khrushchev, himself Ukrainian, “gave away” to the USSR Ukraine, the Crimean peninsula that until then was part of the Russian USSR. With the Crimean peninsula under the control  of the United States and NATO, the Russian Federation was denied access to the Mediterranean Sea. For that reason, President Putin organized and won, with the majority support of his Russian-speaking population, a popular referendum on the independence of Crimea from Ukraine and its union with the Russian Federation.

Image result for plaza Maidan, ukraine
Plaza Maidán, Kiev

For the events of Plaza Maidán, the fascist groups that took control of this movement in 2014, unlike the Altamira fascists of 2002-3, those of Plaza Maidán were organized as an irregular urban army with firearms, Molotov bombs, bullet-proof vests, gun and bomb carry-ons, gas masks, helmets and riot shields that featured a central phalanx of paramilitary jihadists and professional terrorists, many of whom came from Chechnya and other Russian Islamic republics in the Caucasus. This movement had the direct support of US Undersecretary of State, Victoria Nuland, who personally participated in the events of Plaza Maidán which culminated in the overthrow of President-elect Yanukovych and the beginning of a Russophobic hate campaign propitiated to burn alive  the opponents to the Maidán.

This version of Maidán has been literally copied by the terrorists of Plaza Altamira of Chacao Municipality in 2017.

In this case, the organizers of the Unity Table and the party of Leopoldo López, copied the entire organization and military equipment of the Maidan Ukrainian: use of snipers, hoods to conceal the face, uniform consisting of shorts and flannels, bulletproof vests, helmets with built-in cameras to transmit live terrorist actions, viewers, gas masks, bazookas, mortars and handmade explosives, morrales that carry explosives and Molotov bombs, and drones that allow the staff of terrorists to monitor from the air the displacement of their troops.

The terrorist shock personnel in this case were trained by Colombian paramilitaries who recruit as mercenaries underage youths from popular neighborhoods of Chacao, El Pedregal and others, as well as the neighboring towns of Petare and Guatire. They call them “squires” or “liberators,” each paying $20 US dollars a day for their participation in acts of terror, plus a daily supply of drugs and food. This army of “Venezuelan popular jihadists,” made up mostly of minors, join other middle-class and upper-class youth who act as commanding officers of the MUD deputies such as Freddy Guevara and Miguel Pizarro , among others, who are like the general staff of the mercenary terrorist army, which responds to majors such as Julio Borges, Maria Corina Machado, Lilian Tintori. A young 15-year-old terrorist kidnapped by the security forces led the intelligence corps to numerous deposits of weapons, explosives and metal shields hidden in sewers in Altamira Square, to workshops for the manufacture of homemade bombs and to financiers and organizers of terrorist vandalism.

Some racist, macabre scenes show white-haired bourgeois ladies who, with indifferent air, graze groups of 6 and 7 year old Afro-Venezuelan children, pushing them into the public force, while they give them mouthfuls of food. One of the children who cried terrified, was carried by force to the area of ​​confrontation without caring  this was a young child. The scenes photographed and filmed live on the plateau of Chacao municipality include lynching, murders, people burned alive, destruction and burning of public and private properties. These films are  exported throughout Europe, the United States and Latin America, manufacturing the illusion that this happens in all of Venezuela, when in fact,  this motley assembly  from this single region scarcely represents 1% of the national territory.

The media campaign has served to create the image of an isolated and chaotic Venezuela when in fact it is the opposite. Venezuela has the support of the Non-Aligned Movement, ALBA and CARICOM countries,  OPEC countries, Iran, India, South Africa and the Shanghai Group; has a privileged economic, political and technological relationship with the People’s Republic of China and the Russian Federation,  at a time when the People’s Republic of China has just displaced the United States as the world’s leading economic power.

Despite the financial and commercial blockade imposed by the United States and the European Union, Venezuela continues to have a low rate of social inequality, a housing program that is a model for the rest of the world;  people have access to health care and have maintained a high nutritional index, and enjoy free education from primary to university. Since the level of education and political awareness in the popular classes is extremely high, there is a high degree of popular organization to achieve collective goals.

One of the factors that has prevented the right from overthrowing the Bolivarian revolution is precisely the high level of organization of popular power. An example of this is the Movement of the Populators that has, in Venezuela, important projects of self-construction of excellent quality housing, even in the  municipality Chacao, a fact that is not reported by national or international media.

The election of the National Constituent Assembly next July will give constitutional status to the revolutionary achievements that have profoundly changed the Venezuelan reality since 1999, which passed from oil rentier status to a productive socialist society. Nobody could have foreseen then the absolute success of the social missions, communes and communal councils, the CLAP (Local Committees of Supply and Production) that constitute the legacy of Chávez and the basic architecture of the new Venezuelan State. The latter are the response to the monopolies and commercial oligopolies with which the employers ‘and merchants’ unions have blackmailed the libertarian and revolutionary will of the Venezuelan people.

Another important achievement of the revolution is the creation of a civic-military society, through which the Bolivarian National Armed Forces and the new body of the People’s Militia are integrated into the national development plans in the fields of industry, agriculture, housing, health and education, from primary to university. At the same time, NASAs have been converted into a military force of the first order, able to fight in the different war scenarios posed by imperial aggression.

The ultimate objective of the “soft” terrorist coup financed by US imperialism and the European Union is to chaotize Venezuelan society, to destroy the National State and the Bolivarian Revolution as a means to finally destroy the process of Latin American and Caribbean integration by President Hugo Chavez and to restart the neocolonization of our people in order to seize our fabulous oil reserves (the largest in the world), our aquifer reserves, our extraordinary reserves of gold and precious metals contained in the Guayana mining arc valued at trillions of dollars, whose capture by the Empire would be enough to solve the global crisis of capitalism.

What a task they have entrusted to the incapable Venezuelan fascists!

That is why the Southern Command threatens us with naval exercises on our coasts, to intimidate us and to undermine our resistance. But the convocation to the National Constituent Assembly by President Maduro, fully empowered by the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, has confused the plans of national and international fascists, putting in the hands of the Original Popular Power the capacity to decide the transformation of the State and the incorporation of the great socio-economic, political and cultural achievements of the Revolution in the country project contemplated in a new version of the Bolivarian Constitution.

The people of Latin America are living a new Hour of the Horns and they begin to rebel against the electoral dictatorships that oppress the Colombian people, the Peruvian, the Chilean, the Argentinean, the Brazilian and the Mexican.

Venezuela, for imperialism, is a bad example that must be erased or burned to the ground, but the rebellion of the Venezuelan fascists has not been able to advance in its task, despite all financial aid, media, training and and the support of Venezuelan fascist ambassadors who, like Julio Borges and Lilian Tintori, meet with Donald Trump, US Congressmen, the European Parliament and President Merkel of Germany, President Santos of Colombia, President Kuscinsky of Peru, President Bachelet of Chile, President Macri of Argentina and the usurper Temer of Brazil and, of course, the incumbent Mr. Almagro, Secretary General of the OAS and embarrassment to the Uruguayan people.

It seems that the Venezuelan people are called – at this time – to wage a second historic battle against imperial neocolonialism. This struggle will profoundly transform our society and will have great influence on the other peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean, for the benefit of humanity.