Father Miguel D’Escoto: Messenger of Love, Life and Reconciliation

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Father Miguel D’Escoto Brockmann left for another plane of life this June 8, 2017, leaving a message of Love, Life, Reconciliation and Unity, in favor of the most impoverished of this world.

Father Miguel, from different fronts, maintained coherence with his simple but forceful message:

“Love is what is most needed in this world.”

The words of the priest, Chancellor of the Nicaraguan Dignity , Augusto C. Sandino Order, Carlos Fonseca Amador Order, were offered during his election by acclamation to preside over the 63rd United Nations General Assembly.

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“They have chosen a priest. And I hope no one will be offended if I say that love is what is most needed in this world . And that selfishness is what has gotten us into the terrible quagmire in which the world sinks, almost irreversibly, unless something big happens. This may sound like a sermon. Well, that’s right, “Father Miguel said on that occasion.

“If we do not accept this important truth and do not change our ways of acting, then there will be no salvation,” he said then.

“One of the first principles of the kingdom of God on earth, proclaimed by Jesus and repeated by Paul in his seven letters is that of Equality, for Jesus and therefore for his followers, there is no first class person, second Class or third class, we are all absolutely equal , there are not some that we value more than others, ” reflected Father Miguel in another moment.

In favor of Life and Humanity

Líderes religiosos destacan Testimonio de Vida del Padre Miguel D'EscotoFor Father Miguel, who has always considered himself a priest on mission, crucial issues for humanity, such as peace, security, development, the fight against hunger and poverty, require a change in political relations in favor of Life and the human species.

Defending the Sandinista Revolution , the dignity of Nicaragua, supporting the freedom of the Five Cuban Heroes and the Independence of Puerto Rico, calling for reformation of the UN, condemning American imperialism, promoting respect for Mother Earth and, finally, all the just causes of humanity, Father Miguel always kept his message of the need of Love among people.

“More than half of the human beings on Earth languish in hunger and poverty, while, on the other hand, more and more is spent on weapons, wars, luxuries and things superfluous and unnecessary. We must reject the temptation to bury our heads in the sand and pretend to deny reality, ” reflected the Father once.

“The world has come to a time when we have no alternative – either we love each other or we all die; Or treat ourselves as brothers and sisters or witness the beginning of the end of our human species. But if we choose to enter into the logic of solidarity, recognizing ourselves as brothers and sisters, we will be opening new horizons of life and hope for all.”

Denounces War and Imperialism

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As messenger of Peace, Father Miguel always denounced imperialism and the wars it unleashed throughout the world.

It is no secret that some of the policies of the United States have created difficulties in their relations with other countries in the world, especially the small ones, reflected the former Chancellor once.

“I am not anti-American, in fact I am a priest who belongs to an American congregation and many of my good friends are from this country,” Father said.

In that sense, he considered that capitalism is the religion of imperialism,

“and for that reason is capable of killing, doing any barbarity so that no rivals or alternatives to capitalism arise.”

Faithful to the Revolution, Daniel and the FSLN

Father Miguel D’Escoto was always faithful and consistent with the Sandinista Revolution, through which he served the Nicaraguan people, despite even the order of the Vatican during the 80’s.

In those years, Rome asked the priest to leave the Sandinista government, something that Father Miguel rejected, considering that it would “betray the Sandinista People’s Revolution, our Heroes and Martyrs, Daniel, all the companions we were in the fight”.

The Father affirmed on one occasion – and more than once – that the Sandinista Revolution, led by Commander Daniel Ortega “is the only way that I personally have found to keep my total and unfailing loyalty to Heavenly Father and my Lord Jesus”.

“Thank God Nicaragua has a Daniel Ortega . Faithful and loyal to the principles of Sandinismo, the firmest and most responsible of which Sandinismo has remained.

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