From Below and to the Left, People are Ready to Defend Venezuela

By Carlos Aznárez

Rodolfo Walsh, whose coherence and rebelliousness before the established power, still lights the path for new and anonymous revolutionaries. He despised certain kinds of “intellectuals” who could never find the head of a nail. Those kind of people who preach from pulpits that they have constructed to suggest that the moment to do what it is needed never comes. They instead strive to find the soft spots of a revolutionary process which truly exists, despite them. In other words, they are the ones who prefer to watch the tree and ignore the forest and are almost always wrong in their situational riddles, because they never place themselves in the reality of those below them.

Something like that keeps happening with certain kinds of “leftists”, mainly academics, who prefer to step around the actual conditions of what most humble Venezuelans are having to endure from the imperial onslaught against their country. And they do it once again from the posture of the theory of both sides are bad.It could of course be no other way that these kinds of attacks made in statements, articles and manifests are being included in the rightist media who are gloating by having amongst their ranks not only the accomplices of pro-coup figures like Capriles Radonski and Leopoldo López, but also a vanguard of “leftists”. These are the ones who always exit the landscape as they see that a situation looks compromised or others who do not want to be stuck on the eventual shipwreck of a ship that they helped build but are now participating in trying to sink it.

These “leftists”, sponsored by “Infobae” and other rightist media, accuse the government of Nicolás Maduro of being “delegitimized and having acute authoritarian characteristics”. To strengthen their positions they lay down in the shadows of the bourgeois democracy, which they say defends and respects the other branches of power claiming the Venezuelan executive branch does not. They forget that the Legislative Assembly was invaded by a band of violent fascist operatives in December 2015. And these leftist intellectuals are silent that that same Legislative Assembly are the ones that have launched to the streets their puppets, a mixture of “privileged

mommy’s babies” with lumpen thugs and Colombian paramilitaries, to raze anything that smells of Chavism – the ones who indiscriminately beat citizens who do not join their unstabilizing objectives including monstrous crimes like burning alive a young Chavista and the lynching of a former Lieutenant of the Bolivarian Military Guard.

In any other of the countries these “leftist intellectuals” come from, the army itself would have responded in a repressive spree of beatings and mass arrests. However according to them the “authoritarian” is Maduro, who has ordered to stop these crimes but only in accordance to the rule of law. And when something does happen they do not hesitate to arrest and try anyone in uniform who is suspected of violating human rights, unlike in any other country.

Why should it be ignored that the majority of the casualties are on the Chavista side, just like in the 2002 coup? Is it hidden from the pseudo-leftist view that if these murderers, that now aspire to go back to the Fourth Republic, succeed in their objectives they would turn Venezuela into something similar to what NATO and its mercenary accomplices made in Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and Syria?

Those who attack a Revolution that in 17 years has offered to all its people an avalanche of social gains, that are only comparable to those granted by their revolutionary Cuban brothers, lie. They lie when they talk about illegitimacy, knowing full well that they are referring to the electoral processes that have taken place where the Bolivarian Revolution ended victorious in most of them.

They lie when they point out that the Venezuelan government blockaded and postponed the referendum, knowing that it was the opposition that did not meet the lead times for that presentation, and that also forged documents to force an illegal procedure.

They lie when they talk about a “failed auto-coup from the Executive”, when actually, what it is happening since the assassination of the Commander Hugo Chávez, is a true pro-coup escalation including an economic blockade, the destruction of the Venezuelan currency, illegal and massive smuggling of fuel and food into Colombia, with the known complicity of current president Juan Manuel Santos and the reactionary former president Uribe Vélez. These created shortages are an act of war against the most humble neighborhoods that are now lacking food and medicines.

These “intellectuals and academics” lie when they say that they are interested in peace, that they want to stop the “street and institutional violence”, typical of the two demons theory. There are not two kinds of violence, what we have is on one side pure and hard terrorism and on the other a rational and measured way to counteract it.

These “pacifists” lie when they pretend to ignore the numerous acts of conciliation and the asking for dialogue from the Maduro government to an opposition that is only

interested in war, chaos and overthrowing a legitimate government to construct an American neo colony on Venezuelan soil. Once that happens, they would achieve their true objective of destruction and death in order to recover the petroleum handled today by PDVSA and the mineral deposits for the use of Washington.

It attracts the attention that these “leftist” arguments match in a clear provocative way with the ones raised by the OAS’ secretary Luis Almagro and with the “humanitarian calls” launched by the US Southern Command. It is not “leftist” to raise the proposals of the international right or to oppose to the majority of the workers and farmers.

Like it happened in other times, in which the Cuban Revolution had to take drastic measures to stop the terrorist attacks being thrusted on them by the United States, these intellectuals have decided to flirt with the devil to attack what the Venezuelan people are willing to defend with their lives.

The biggest problem of these critics is there is no centrist position to cling to anymore. Now is the time where one must choose between the Revolution, anti imperialism and the possibility to deepen the policies towards Socialism on one side or to shamefully join the Venezuelan minions of the empire in their political, economic and military destruction of our countries.

While reading the list of signers of these “leftist” opponents, it hurts to find some names that used to be there with us during some of the most anti capitalism attacks. Only to them, not the others who never understood Cuba or Venezuela at any time, I ask them to reconsider their position and to stop helping in the destruction of the Bolivarian process. It is not about taking a step back in the critical thinking, there are many themes that those who consider themselves Chavista must debate due to the mistakes committed, but it is about the responsibility of knowing the harsh terrain in which the Empire has placed on the Bolivarian process. In that sense it is fundamental to take into account a premise that comes from the history of popular struggle and that is our main enemy wants to take over Venezuela, as it did before in Honduras, Paraguay, Brazil and others. If Venezuela falls, all of Latin America will be greatly affected and it will be too late for regrets.

To conclude, there are still many leftist academics, intellectuals and above all a lot of leftist leaning people willing to defend Venezuela, its government and its revolutionary process no matter what happens and at what cost.