Maduro Launches the Zamora 200 Constituent Commando to Work on Five Fronts

Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro, informed on Monday the new Zamora 200 Constituent Commando will work on five fronts (or areas) of work: Constituent Street Government, Organization of Structure and Electoral Political Machinery, Strategy and Propaganda, Permanent Mobilization and the Front of the Social movements.

During the swearing in of this organization, in Caracas and broadcast by state media, president said these five work fronts will develop a dynamic to achieve organizational growth in each state and municipality of the country.

He stressed that the Constituent Street Government front will be headed by the Vice President, Tareck El Aissami and the Minister of President’s Office, Carmen Melendez.

The vice-president of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, Diosdado Cabello and the minister for the Urban Agriculture, Erika Farias will be in charge of the front of Organization of Structure and Electoral Political Machinery.

Besides, the front of Strategy and Propaganda will be led by the deputy for the Block of the Homeland, Tania Diaz and the Mayor of Caracas, Jorge Rodriguez.

He also announced that Socialist leader Dario Vivas and Vice Minister for Supreme Happiness, Gladys Requena, will lead the front of Permanent Mobilization.

The Front of the Social Movements will be headed by the National Coordinator of the Congress of the Constituent Homeland, Hector Rodriguez, and the Minister for Women and Gender Equality, Blanca Eekhout.

President also launched the Presidential Commission of Popular Consultation, chaired by Elias Jaua and the Executive Secretary, Adan Chavez; and the Political Consultation and Orientation Commission made up of all parties of the Great Patriotic Pole.

“We must activate all forces, in all states and in all municipalities, with political initiative, with the constitutional initiative to win peace through the constituent assembly, the only way to win peace,” he said.

With Constituent Assembly the people will express their absolute will

President Nicolas Maduro, reaffirmed the constituent process –that has been convened given the opposition’s refusal to settle disputes through dialogue– will allow people to express their absolute will as the original owner of the Constituent Power.

“We are giving power to its original owner. That is what I have done, the power that I have, I entrust everything to the people of Venezuela to exercise their will, their total and absolute sovereignty. I have faith in the people. I trust the people. I call the people,” he said.

He said that people will be able to discuss all issues of national life in order to strengthen the Bolivarian Constitution, starting with the election of 545 constituents through universal, direct and secret voting at the end of July.

“Let’s go to the Constituent Assembly with joy, with faith, with hope, with the strength of the people. Let’s go to the Constituent Assembly to rebuild, to regenerate the right to peace, to lay deep foundations of peace,” he urged.

The Constituent Assembly will be composed of 364 territorial and 181 sectoral constituent members: including indigenous members (8), students (24), peasants and fishermen (8), entrepreneurs (5), persons with disabilities (5), pensioners (28), community councils (24) and workers (79).

“For the first time, thanks to the fact that we have a revolution, we will have constituent members of the working class, peasants, fishermen, people with disabilities, pensioners, businessmen, community members,” he said.

For those interested in running as candidates to be constituent members, a site of the Electoral Power will be available on May 31 and June 1 for registration.

President Maduro said that this constitutional process, in addition to shielding social rights, seeks “peace, union, the future,” and stated that massive participation in the election of constituent members is fundamental.

“Let each one make his or her decision: if he or she wants to vote or wants a bullet, if he or she wants a Constituent Assembly or wants a terrorist guarimba. Let everyone decide in this country. One of two: democracy, vote, freedom, opinion, participation or guarimba, barricades, terrorism or death. Constituent Assembly or violence. Constituent Assembly or guarimba. Votes or bullets. Freedom is our flag”, he stressed.

AVN –30/05/2017