Brazil Popular Front Proposes Emergency Plan

Brasilia, May 29 (Prensa Latina) Faced with the aggravation of the political, social and institutional crisis that the country is going through, the Brazil Popular Front launches today a so-called ” People”s Emergency Plan” in the city of Sao Paulo.

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The initiative is focused on the implementation of a project that will strengthen the national economy, autonomous and sovereign development, as well as to rebuild the industry and the internal market, as well as face the growing inequalities in income and wealth.

What we want, stressed the Brazil Popular Front, is to achieve a social model based on welfare and democracy.

The document is proposed as a guarantee that a possible emergency government – which emerged as a consequence of the early termination of the mandate of President Michel Temer – respond to the interests of workers.

Structured in 10 thematic areas, the text highlights the need for the new authority to send to the National Congress the proposal to summon a Constitutional Assembly to regulate a new political regime for the 2018 elections, deprived of the influence of economic power.

In this way, it stresses, it would ensure that parliamentarians were elected according to the representation of current Brazilian society.

If half of the people are black, half the legislators would have to be black; if that proportion is the same for women, then the female presence should have equal representation, said Joao Pedro Stédile, one of the national coordinators of the Landless Workers’ Movement (MST).

Stédile, quoted by the Agência Brasil, said that currently, 80 percent of the members of the parliament are businesspersons and those who are not were supported by these so that they could assume their task.

The launch of the ‘People’s Emergency Plan’ comes at a time when, in the opinion of the MST leader, the Temer coup government is coming to an end after the compromising pleas of businessman Joesley Batista.

Temer only continues in power because the bourgeoisie has not yet agreed on the name of his successor, Stédile said, for whom an indirect election through Congress will not solve anything because it is ‘the result of an endemic corruption and does not represent the Brazilian people.’