Venezuela’s Far Right Attempt to Launch a Series of Synchronized Terrorist Attacks

Venezuela’s vice president, Tareck El Aissami, denounced Monday that extremist sectors of the right tried to bring about an armed strike in the country, which caused fascist hotspots in several points of the oil country.

He denounced that these actions are driven by the leadership of the Venezuelan opposition coalition MUD, whose spokesmen have been staging since early April a coup plot, characterized by violence, vandalism, terrorism and fascism and has left more than 50 people dead and more than 900 injured, as well as extensive damages to public and private property running into millions.

“The Venezuelan opposition leadership, called the MUD, is directly responsible for the various terrorist acts of violence that have emerged during these last weeks,” he said, regretting that Venezuela lacks a responsible opposition, and instead has a counterrevolution of Fascist nature.

“We do not have an opposition, we have counterrevolutionary forces. We are facing a terrorist, counter-revolutionary, fascist opposition,” he said.

Armed strike

He explained that in response to the commitment of the Venezuelan people to peace and development of the country, extremists tried to spread terror and, with it, “bring about an armed strike.”

One of the terrorist events happened yesterday at 1:30 a.m., at the facilities of the public transit operator TransBolivar, which serves more than 30,000 users. In this event, a total of 53 units were burned, representing a loss of 11 million dollars.

“Can this be called a ‘peaceful protest’? Can this be called ‘right to protest’? We must call it what it is: a terrorist and criminal action by these sectors of the MUD,” he said, reporting that the two people –Jose Gregorio Ramirez and Jesus Martinez Espinoza– responsible for the incidents in Bolivar state were arrested and brought to justice.

Also, as part of the actions of this sector to impose an armed strike, two buses with passengers were burned at 3:30 p.m. at the facilities of PDVSA La Tahona, Baruta municipality, as well as an ambulance providing services to the community of this sector.

According to Vice President, five people were captured and turned over to the competent authorities for this attack, which he called “an epicenter of the coup plot of terrorist nature.”

Similarly, in Miranda state, two comprehensive diagnostic centers (CDI) were besieged for more than three hours: one in Carrizal and the other in Baruta (both in Miranda state). The latter was caught on fire, fortunately without damage to patients or medical personnel.

16 arrested in Miranda state

El Aissami reported that security agencies arrested 16 people of terrorist cells financed by some sectors of the right-wing to create violent acts and siege in several communities of Miranda state.

He said that following a police operation in that region, authorities seized more than three trucks with Molotov bombs.

“There are 16 detainees and many of them are confessing and surely from the confessions and statements they are making, we will reach those responsible and capture those in the lead of these terrorist actions,” he said.

Police authorities also raided a factory manufacturing shields used to confront security members, said El Aissami, adding that a revolver was found during raid and will be submitted for expert testing.

Violence in Barinas and Lara states

Another violent outbreak happened in Barinas state. There, terrorist squads from the extreme right besieged a post of the Bolivarian National Guard, set fire to the headquarters of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, looted private businesses, totally destroyed a drug store of Mission Barrio Adentro and besieged and attacked the Luis Razetti Hospital.

These groups also set fire to three posts of the Barinas Police Corps and attacked facilities of the Great Housing Mission Venezuela and the Ribas Mission.

In Lara state, “a kind of criminal scheme of harassment and siege of local businesses was developed”, in which violent groups placed barricades in the avenues 19 and 20 of the capital of Lara, “and forced some merchants to close their premises, denying their services to the Venezuelan people and, in addition, infringing the right of free transit, undermining the right to work for hundreds of Venezuelans.

Structural Mechanism for Polilara

During the statements to state media, the Vice-President also reported that a structural mechanism will be activated for the Police Corps of Lara state (Polilara), given that merchants were complaining of the indifferent attitude of this security body.

He said that business owners indicated that they requested the services of protection of this police force, but obtained an answer of indifference, presumably because they were “ordered not to act”, reason why they preferred to close their businesses, denounced the Executive Vice President.

“It is a serious matter that a police body denies the people the provision of custody and police custody. This is already being investigated and in the next few hours we will take structural measures for the Lara Police Corps. We will not allow the police also to be part of the terrorist conspiracy of these sectors of the MUD.”

AVN –23/05/2017