ALBA Movements Statement on Venezuela


We make an energetic call to the institutions and peoples of the continent from the continental shelf ALBA Movements to stop the interventionist siege of imperialism through the OAS against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, as part of the agenda of violence that political parties of the Venezuelan right Have unleashed against the Venezuelan population that only wants peace and that solve the fundamental problems generated by the coordinated action between national bourgeoisies and transnational corporations.

We denounce that this whole situation is the result of a plan directed by the US Department of State, a clear proof of this is the grotesque joint military exercise they are promoting at this moment on the Venezuelan border with the shameful collaboration of governments Of Colombia, Peru and Brazil; Lackey governments of imperialism and puppets of the neoliberal agenda, while their populations are increasingly poorer and living in worse conditions.

1. Respect for Venezuelan sovereignty, enough foreign interference.

The calls made from the government of Washington and from its ministry of colonies, the OAS, violate the Venezuelan sovereignty and the constitution of that country. The most worrying thing is that they promote and legitimize the fratricidal confrontation, in addition they pretend to threaten militarily, something that we already believe surpassed in our continent.

2. We demand the cessation of the fascist violence that tries to install the right in the streets.

The majority of the Venezuelan population leaves every day to the streets but to work and sees it prevented by violent focuses promoted by the political right that mobilizes to thousands of Venezuelan opponents to the ambush government repeating the script that we saw in April of 2002.

3. Strong support for the initiative of President Nicolas Maduro: Popular Constituent Assembly.

Venezuela in the last 17 years has been an example for the region since the Constituent Assembly of 1998. It has managed to develop a robust democratic model that has been validated several times with important levels of participation and organization, as well as a strong agenda of poverty reduction and Guarantee of human rights. Today they renew the commitment of the legacy of Commander Hugo Chávez, calling the people as the original power, to solve between all and all the real fundamental problems of the country before the refusal of the elites to dialogue and to agree a real route to overcome them.

Under these central slogans we declare ourselves in permanent mobilization to defend the Bolivarian Revolution that has been guarantor of the defense of national sovereignty, adherence to the democracy delineated in the National Constitution, and protection of the people from economic threats and violence.

Venezuela is also the heart of integration initiatives from cooperation and solidarity, but above all it is hope for the working and dispossessed classes that another model of society is possible, an alternative to the model of the dispossession of capital that makes few rich and Poor to the immense majority that we pay the crisis of this outdated system.

That is why we have lifted the permanent defense campaign entitled Venezuela Corazón de Naramramérica to position it in the streets and in the networks.

For the sovereignty of our peoples
We are peace, we are people
We continue walking through the Patria Grande
We will live and win