Venezuela: Right-Wing Paramilitary Cell Dismantled

A band operating as an armed cell, accused of carrying out destructive actions in eastern Caracas and Miranda state, was dismantled by state security forces, said Venezuela’s vice president Tareck El Aissami on Tuesday.

He said this was possible after arresting Nixon Leal, who until recently served a prison sentence in Aragua state and had to appear in court for his participation in the failed plan La Salida (The Exit) conducted by the right in 2014.

At a press conference in Caracas, he said that Leal is member of the right-wing party Primero Justicia (PJ).

“Nixon Leal is a member of the opposition party Primero Justicia and is directly linked to deputy Julio Borges,” El Aissami said.

He pointed out that investigations also showed that Leal put together the “armed insurgency” operating in Altamira, Chacao and Bello Monte in eastern Caracas, and also managed to articulate armed groups in Catia, west of the capital city.

The recent capture of Leal was achieved following a thorough investigation after arresting Guido Rodriguez, also of the PJ party and member of a clash group carrying out vandalism actions against the Executive Directorate of the Judiciary, on April 8, 2017.

Along with Leal, seven people were also arrested: Jose Daniel Hernandez (aka “Amarillo”, head of the armed cell that operated on January 23, El Paraiso, El Valle and Montalban, in Caracas); Fermin Castillo (aka “El Loro”, member of right-wing party Vente Venezuela and head of the cell established in Bello Monte, east of Caracas); Oswaldo Garcia Piñero (aka “El Portu”, who participated in several meetings held in Los Cortijos, Caracas, and was in charge of organizing logistics in the east of the capital city).

Likewise, authorities also arrested Frances Garcia Ortega (aka “Kike”, a supplier of materials for these violent actions); Manuel Alejandro Cotiz (aka “El Cotiz”); Carlos Alberto Contreras (alias “Carlos49”, who like Cotiz attended several meetings led by Nixon Leal, and Carmen Salazar (alias “The Lady”, who organized logistics,

AVN –10/05/2017