Libya: Truth vs Fake News

Commentary By Alexandra Valiente

While I observe the endless media storm, the shifting sands of alliances moving chaotically within Libya in precise syncopation with the  psychological warfare operations without, there are absolutely no extraneous sources providing factual accounts of events.

Examples of fake news include today’s canard from Russian sources: Libyan Military Forces Liberate Port in Benghazi From Al-Qaeda Terrorists, and Libya Achieves Political Breakthrough: Russia Has Special Role to Play. Both pieces are not only inaccurate, they lack context.  The first piece conflates the Islamist GNC with the Muslim Brotherhood’s GOA (Government of Accord). There are actually three governments, not two.  Neither report is truthful about the nature of the current alliance between CIA asset, General Khalifa Haftar and the NATO-installed regime in Tripoli.  Both reports omit the perspectives and opinions of the Libyan people. There is no mention of the Tribes and the numerous Libyan peace initiatives that are sovereign and independent from external mediators and interventionists. And this is where the real story is – the daily efforts of Libyan citizens to present creative solutions to the national crisis and negotiate with all parties to ensure success. Russian media also whitewash the inconvenient fact that their version of a “political solution” is in perfect alignment with the US-NATO alliance as outlined in the infamous 2016 Vienna Communiqué, to which Russia was a signatory. Essentially, Russia’s support for Libya will be conditional upon Libya’s complete surrender to the NATO-GCC-Muslim Brotherhood project. This is certainly not the action of an ally to the people of Libya!

It was heartening to hear from Gerald Perriera today and to listen to his interview with Block Report Radio, Counterrevolution in Libya, Venezuela, and Nicaragua.

Tortilla Con Sal wrote yesterday about the situation in Nicaragua and Venezuela in “False Beliefs and the War on Venezuela. He compares the destabilization campaign and psychological war waged through media to what has happened (and is still happening) in Libya.

More to the point, this monumental, egregious, psychological assault is targeting every person on the planet. It would be a perilous miscalculation to underestimate its reach and impact. The only way to effectively combat the insidious, malevolent agenda is to comprehend the objective as well as the tactics deployed.

Most do not realize that their minds are not only being filled with false beliefs through skillful perception management, but false memories. This is a  profoundly diabolical facet of mind control, where the targeted population are unaware they have been programmed. They have lost their ability to discern truth from falsehood. The facts of the past, historical memory, have been erased (wiped). Not only does empire target the populations of nations with acts that are tantamount to cultural genocide, they target all of us. The historical record of a people is an intrinsic and precious part of the history of humanity.  Without accurate historical memory, we are more vulnerable to psychological warfare. We lose connection to our intrinsic core of knowing and being. Without this, the truth is more easily obfuscated and as the process advances, the calamitous destruction of higher consciousness is consummated.

Because of this fact, while sharing information about Libya or the struggle of any nation, I have published actual historical documents rather than  articles that discuss them. The distance between the two is vast and the gap is precisely where demonic disinformation battalions do their most damaging work. It does not matter that the documents may be unavailable in Western languages (the languages of the oppressor!). It is important that they are preserved in their original language, unadulterated, pristine.  These form a bastion against efforts to alter history. They ensure we never forget what is true, righteous, just, and ensures the continuity of what is noblest in humanity.

I quote from False Beliefs and the War on Venezuela;

Since World War 2, the United States and allied country film and television industries have been fundamental components of Western cultural and psychological warfare. Internet monopolies like Google and Facebook (and Twitter[my addition]) have multiplied the power and reach of Western cultural mass reproduction many times over. The elites managing these corporations control the supply and demand of messages on an international industrial scale. Together with their governments’ global surveillance and intelligence apparatus, they also shape how those messages are consumed. This concentration and control of intellectual production and cultural reproduction ensures a permanent flow of information endlessly asserting and reaffirming the views and values of the imperialist Western ruling elites and their governments. Their constant global cultural and psychological warfare has developed to the point where it operates via infinite feedback loops needing virtually no intervention.

He continues – – and here the danger is exposed in its naked brutality…

Effectively, by means of relentless suggestion, fake corroboration, and systematic omission, the West’s system of disinformation and intellectual production constructs collective false memories. Over time, relentless cultural propaganda and psychological warfare manipulate people’s imaginations building false memories and beliefs immune to rational analysis. Over decades, this process establishes a received wisdom that ratifies and entrenches a set of false beliefs whose effect no amount of factual debunking and exposure can erase. The clearest example of this is how exposure to U.S. and British government lies about Iraq has made no difference. The Western elites and their psychological warfare machinery simply move on to create the next big lie, always using the same techniques: relentless suggestion, fake corroboration, and systematic omission.

Understanding this truth, we dispense with naiveté.

If we (individually and collectively) fail to confront evil, in whatever form it presents itself, not only will revolutionary nations and movements suffer harm, you (we) will, in the most terrible way, be destroyed. The struggle of all people against empire and evil is also our deeply personal struggle. In a world where perfidiousness is rewarded, our challenge is to remain faithful to all genuine revolutionary struggles. Where principles are sacrificed daily on the altar of popular opinion, we must maintain an uncompromising principled position and remember that fidelity is beyond partisanship and ideology.  It is our identity, our being, our life.

While we stand with the world’s revolutionary peoples and declare in solidarity,  They Shall Not Pass!, we must also gaze within and be vigilant.  Our consciousness is sacred ground and here evil must not only be denied passage: it must  be utterly and irreparably defeated.


  • I have maintained The Revolutionary Committees Movement(RCM) archived website to support the peoples’ struggle, so that their voices and vision for their nation, their future, are not forgotten, not silenced by the cacophony of distortion and deception.

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