Latin America’s Campesino Movement Denounces ‘International Conspiracy’ Against Venezuela

The CLOC said Venezuela’s popular democracy is the target of “imperialism, the oligarchy and its lackeys.”

The Assembly of the Latin American Coordinator of Field Organizations, or CLOC, released a statement Thursday denouncing what the campesino group considers as “aggressions from the U.S. empire and its allies” against Venezuela’s government and people.

“Venezuela is under attack from an international conspiracy to destabilize the institutions and their Bolivarian government,” read the statement, published following their regional meeting in Nicaragua.

The CLOC said Venezuela’s popular democracy is the target of “imperialism, the oligarchy and its lackeys,” who are using a combination of means to “destabilize the institutions and the Bolivarian government.”

“We call on the people and governments of the world to defend the freedom, self-determination, and peace of the Venezuelan people.”

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Delcy Rodriguez thanked the group for supporting the socialist government.

“We thank the Assembly of the Vía Campesina — CLOC Central America of Nicaragua for its resolution in support of the people and government of Venezuela,” Rodriguez wrote on her Twitter account.

The CLOC is part of the La Via Campesina organization, which describes itself as “an international movement which coordinates peasant organizations of small and middle-scale producers, agricultural workers, rural women, and Indigenous communities from Asia, Africa, America, and Europe.”

In Latin America, member organizations include Brazil’s Landless Workers Movement, or MST, National Federation of Unitary Agricultural Workers in Colombia and the National Peasant Front Ezequiel Zamora from Venezuela.

“We recognize Venezuela as a sovereign, free and independent country that is not willing to accept, today or ever, any type of tutelage, intervention or interference in its internal affairs by any power or group of countries,” the group’s statement concluded.

The statement is among the numerous demonstrations of support from social movements around the world, following turbulent opposition protests that claimed the lives of nearly a dozen people and left extensive damage to infrastructure.

Both government and opposition supporters took to the streets in the tens of thousands on Wednesday, but peaceful marches broke out into skirmishes with police when some opposition protesters attempted to break police areas and head to areas of the city where pro-government demonstrators were gathered.

Since then, there has been scattered violence throughout the country, with at least one police officer killed and various others seriously injured, in addition to considerable looting and vandalism of government buildings and local shops.

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