PFLP Comrade Khaled Barakat: Palestinians are Entering a New Era


In an interview with the PFLP website, Palestinian leftist writer Comrade Khaled Barakat spoke about the ongoing threats to the people of the region and the world posed by the United States.

“The blatant war crimes of U.S. imperialism are only escalating, as evidenced by the dropping of the so-called ‘mother of all bombs’ near the Afghani-Pakistani border. This crime cannot be separated from the US aggression on Syria and its threats of war in eastern Asia. We see the United States threatening Syria, threatening the DPRK, and using the civilians and land of Afghanistan as a ground for weapons testing to back up its international threats.”

“All of these actions fit into the attempts not just to threaten those countries the U.S. has identified as ‘enemies’ or ‘opposition,’ but in fact to extend that threat to all ‘neutral’ forces as well,” noted Barakat.

“What Trump wants us to get accustomed to and accept as normal,” Barakat said, “is that our people and our region are a testing ground for the US military-industrial complex, as Israel has tested its bombs and weaponry on Gaza and Lebanon in the past ten years. This is, in fact, used to sell US and Israeli weapons at international arms fairs, because of their ‘success’ in being tested on the children of Gaza, the women of Afghanistan and the impoverished classes of Yemen and Iraq. US weapons corporations are profiting daily from the killing of the people of the region.”

“Murderous U.S. imperialism is nothing new in our region, and it is urgent that any illusions about Trump or the role of the United States be cast aside. Trump is a figurehead for bankers, cops and generals,” said Barakat. “On the Arab level today, we see that the reactionary forces led by Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Sisi of Egypt are rallying behind Trump around two identified causes, the so-called ‘war on terror’ and the real economic, political and threatened military war on Iran.”

In addition, Barakat noted, “today, the Arab reactionary regimes are publicly coordinating with Israel against the resistance and any revolutionary or truly democratic change in the region. This comes at the expense of the Palestinian people and their rights while imposing this inverted image of reality on the Arab people, with heavy propaganda that Israel is our friend and Iran is our enemy.”

In Palestine in particular, “Trump sent the CIA director and later a special envoy with nine conditions for the Palestinian Authority; both met with Mahmoud Abbas. There were security delegations with the PA sent prior to these meetings. To clarify what is happening in a nutshell, the PA will be working as a security agency for the United States and Israel. Abbas has already fulfilled the nine conditions of the US, particularly with the starvation of the popular classes of the West Bank and Gaza,” Barakat said.

“If we are to look clearly at this situation, what does this mean? They want to solve the crisis of the Palestinian capitalist class by creating a crisis of the Palestinian popular classes, creating a crisis of the people and stealing the rightful funds of the Palestinian people to fulfill the conditions of the U.S. and of European powers. It serves them and serves Trump. When we see the social and economic crises that Palestinians are living in, from Gaza to Ein el-Helweh to Syria, we know that these are products of capitalism, Zionism and imperialism and are being used in order to consolidate the most reactionary forms of power,” said Barakat.

“Why do we see this policy of starvation today against Gaza? Why the intensification of the policy of security coordination? Why does the PA reject the calls of the Palestinian people for unity and to end security coordination? All of these fit into a new era that we are entering, in which the capitalist class of the West Bank and Gaza who have essentially agreed to the ‘self-rule government’ by calling it a ‘Palestinian state,’ without any of the sovereignty or authority of statehood. You can call it the ’empire of Palestine,’ but it is still occupation with a Vichy regime,” noted Barakat.

“Our people are convinced that Abbas cannot stop Israel from building one settlement or ensure the freedom of one prisoner. These are the tasks of the Palestinian resistance. Another urgent task is the intensification and expansion of the boycott movement and the isolation of the racist, Zionist state. There must be no illusions left about the grotesque Abbas-Trump meeting, bringing together the president of security coordination with the openly racist president of U.S. imperialism, who boasts of firing missiles on Arab land over cake,” Barakat said.

“In fact, we urge the Palestinian community in the United States to send a message to Mahmoud Abbas before he arrives in Washington, DC, as declared will take place in the last part of the month, that he does not speak for the Palestinian people or for Palestinians in the United States,” said Barakat. “The real representatives of the Palestinian people are imprisoned by Israel. On this occasion, we also encourage all progressive and revolutionary forces to support the week of action around the world in solidarity with our Palestinian heroic strugglers in Israeli and international – including U.S. and French – prisons.”