Venezuela Coup Plan: Explosives – Foreign Military Intervention

Venezuela rejects OAS attempts of tutelage and intervention

Venezuela’s Foreign Minister Delcy Rodriguez rejected on Wednesday, on behalf of the Venezuelan people the attempts of tutelage and intervention against the nation, conducted from the Organization of American States (OAS).

During the session of the OAS Permanent Council in Washington, broadcast by state media, Rodriguez demanded the Organization of American States to stop interventionist actions promoted by the secretary general, Luis Almagro.

“I demand to stop the actions to promote a coup against Venezuela and the confrontation between Venezuelan brothers and sisters,” Chancellor said.

Venezuela will also request the Permanent Council of the OAS to evaluate performance of the secretary general, Luis Almagro, for advancing actions against the South American nation, said the Venezuelan Foreign Minister.

Judges now under attack by right-wing

The parliamentary right, which launched a new coup plan in breach of the institutional order and aimed at promoting an intervention against the country, undertakes a new stage of its confrontation with the rest of the Public Powers by trying to remove seven judges of the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice.

To do this, the illegal board of the National Assembly (AN, Spanish acronym), held in contempt of court, aims to force the Moral Power to determine serious misconduct of judges, opening the way for their removal.

The action, which is triggered after the Judiciary clarified two rulings concerning aspects of the legislative function, takes place in the midst of a media campaign that seeks to impose the thesis of a coup d’etat against the AN, whose acts are void because of the contempt in which it was held for breaching judicial decisions.

With this strategy, in addition, the parliamentary right falls back into disregarding the institutional order, which led them, for example, to declare in January last year the resignation of President Nicolas Maduro, and to include three opposition deputies into Parliament, despite the fact that the Supreme Court ordered them not to be sworn in due to presumptions of electoral fraud.

Violent groups attacked troops in opposition march

At several points along Libertador avenue, in Caracas, during a march convened by the opposition coalition MUD on Tuesday, violent groups physically and verbally attacked State security forces, guarding accesses to downtown Caracas.

The members of the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB) and the Bolivarian National Police (PNB), forming security lines intended to provide citizens –including demonstrators– with physical protection, were subjected to verbal abuse, taunts, physical attacks and provocations aimed at triggering violent scenes, necessary to complete the smear media campaign the national right is publicizing abroad and claiming that there has been a “rupture of the democratic order” in Venezuela.

Provocations became more intense when some officials urged opposition leaders to call for calm and non-aggression to the security forces, who fulfill their duty to serve and protect public spaces and peace. At the same time, troops received calls to remain calm and not fall into these provocations.

In an intense struggle, fueled by the aggressive speeches of some deputies and right-wing leaders present at the rally, protesters managed to break one of the security lines to move westward toward downtown, where at the same time revolutionary people were holding a rally, but met with another barrier of riot police.

At that time, some groups –mostly composed of people hiding their faces– appeared with stones and bottles to launch them to GNB troops, which used tear gas to dissuade rioters.

The riot troops acted in a coordinated way: they broke pieces of cement from public spaces to get stones, laid down branches of trees and tried to lock the street with solid waste in a matter of minutes.

March-April 2017 coup plan includes explosives and foreign military intervention

On Wednesday, it was released on a state media analysis program, an audiotape revealing the coup plans of the national far right against Venezuelan sovereignty, intended to be carried out between March and April of this year, which includes street violence and attacks on military forts such as Fuerte Tiuna and Caracas downtown area, in order to create a scenario conducive to a military intervention of the United States (USA).

In the audiovisual material, the program’s host Diosdado Cabello unravelled the actions the group named “Los Proceres”, formed by Roberto Enriquez, Oswaldo Alvarez Paz, from Copei party, Eduardo Vetancourt, former policeman, Colonel Zomacal Longo and the leader of Primero Justicia party, Julio Borges wanted to carry out.

It also includes the spokeswoman of the ultra-right, Maria Corina Machado, as well as US Senator Marcos Rubio, who has promoted interventionist actions against the country.

The coup plot has been coordinated for the past three years with the power of the US government, when the former head of U.S. Southern Command, General John Kelly, raised the possibility of a military intervention in the country.

In the audio talks, Vetancourt –who is arrested by the Venezuelan justice– proposes to activate “neighbor to neighbor” violent actions, including the use of C4 explosives, to “remove government by force” and push a De facto one, made up of representatives of traditional parties (Accion Democratica and Copei), which later will hand power to newer right-wing parties.

“One thing is the people who are going to take over the government, because you can not exhaust the boys with the decisions you’re going to take. You’re going to hand over the government when hard decisions are made,” Vetancourt says in the audio.

Likewise, former Disip agent reveals the financing of 98 men, for two million bolivars each, to cause groups of shocks. He detailed that the Americans would come into play, when “they see that a serious situation erupted in Fuerte Tiuna”.

Furthermore, in another audio broadcast in the program, Colonel Zomacal confesses he is the coordinator of military participation and would handle the explosives to disturb calm and peace of the country.

“We have 88 policemen, but we need 120 … because there must be a group behind the march of Maria Corina to loot. We want to show the national and international public opinion that the people are hungry,” said the colonel, which is also placed in the custody of the appropriate authorities.

Likewise, it reveals that it has already infiltrated violent bands into groups called colectivos that are supposedly pro-government; as well as coup soldiers dressed as civilians, in an opposition march. “Some will have to leave and others will have to die,” he says.

For his part, Alvarez Paz said in a phone call to Captain Heredia, who is arrested, “that he will follow the events closely” and “that is aware of this agenda.”

In the program, the socialist leader Diosdado Cabello warned that power groups from Bogota are also part of this plan.

This coup plan was dismantled by Escudo Zamorano 2017 Operation, which has seized ammunition and explosives in different raids.

“We will continue to act quietly, in accordance with this Constitution and the laws, they will not be able to beat us and they will not go to Miraflores (presidential palace). They will never be able to set foot in Miraflores,” Cabello said.

Journalists reject alliance between media and right to provoke interference actions

The General Staff of the Communication condemned on Thursday “the unscrupulous alliance between communication entrepreneurs and sectors of the ultra-right, which with their manipulated information distort the perception of the country and the national government on the stage international.”

The statement was released Thursday by journalist Hindu Anderi in the Morelos square, downtown Caracas, where she read the stance of revolutionary journalists in defense of peace and sovereignty of the nation.

The said document denounces the interventionist strategy that is being developed within the Organization of American States (OAS) with the aim of intervening the country.

She also regretted that some governments of the region lend themselves to facilitating intervention of Venezuela, putting at risk the calm and peace of the Latin American region.

“In the light of the latest developments at OAS, we have alerted international public opinion that our country is undergoing a process of national and international conspiracy, whose ultimate aim is to seize the great natural wealth that today, thanks to policies promoted by Commander Hugo Chavez, are in the hands of the people and not of the large transnational corporations,” she stressed.

This statement will be delivered in the next few hours to the Attorney General’s Office, the Supreme Court of Justice, the Ombudsman’s Office and the OAS.

On Thursday, the revolutionary communicators joined forces to gather near the National Assembly, to ratify their commitment to the Bolivarian Revolution and reject the ambitions of extremist sectors of the national right, with international support, toward violating the country’s constitutionality to overthrow President Nicolas Maduro through foreign intervention.

AVN –-06/04/201