Venezuela Denounces “Serious Altercation of Constitutional Order” at OAS

Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
Translated by Rachael Boothroyd-Rojas

Venezuela’s Foreign Ministry issued an official statement this Monday evening, after at least fifteen countries pushed ahead with an extraordinary session at the Organization of American States to discuss Venezuela’s institutional standoff between the Supreme Court and the National Assembly. The session took place in spite of the fact that Bolivia, which recently assumed the Presidency of the Permanent Council, moved to cancel the meeting on Monday morning due to concerns that it had not been called in accordance with OAS norms. The extraordinary session began at 2pm without the presence of Bolivia, nor the Permanent Council’s Vice-President, Haiti. Several other member-states were also absent.

Full statement:

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela responsibly denounces before the international community an unprecedented act aimed at the destruction of the Organization of American States, through which a group of governments in league with the Secretary General, have carried out a take-over of the Presidency of the Permanent Council to impose on the organization and the rest of its member-states their own illicit agenda, which subverts its norms and seriously transgresses the principles and aims consecrated in its Founding Charter.

Insolently, a group of governments have opted to take matters into their own hands, and usurp the functions of the Presidency of the Permanent Council through legal sophistry, which is patently false at first glance, in their obsession to impose their illegal and deeply unfair plan to use Venezuela to organize the imposition of a new fascist hegemony once again, aimed at dominating the continent.

We categorically denounce these actions as a flagrant aggression against the institutions of the organization and a dark regression to an interventionist past at the OAS. This sacred, sovereign, free and independent homeland, will never bow before the imperial powers and its lackeys*.

Caracas, April 3, 2017

*Here the Foreign Ministry uses the word “sepoys,” referring to Indian soldiers serving under the British colonial administration.  

A coup plot has been imposed against Venezuela within OAS

Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro, called Monday to strengthen the national union to respond to the coup actions promoted by right-wing governments within the Organization of American States (OAS), which convened an extraordinary session, without consulting the pro-tempore presidency, violating the internal regulations of this body.

“I call upon the national union of the people of Venezuela so that we may all reject these interventionist policies that seek to turn the OAS into a tribunal of inquisition, persecution, interventionism against a homeland of peace, of our Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. I call on national unity, on the mobilization of all patriotic forces,” he said during a council of vice presidents at the Miraflores presidential palace.

A total of 17 OAS member countries supported a new meddling document against the country, during the Permanent Council meeting, held in an irregular way since Bolivia –who assumed the pro tempore presidency of the international bloc Monday– decided to suspend the meeting because of promoting interventionism.

“Never before in the OAS’s almost 70-year history, has a real embarrassment like this happened. They carried out a coup d’etat against OAS Presidency and Vice-Presidency of the Permanent Council that today had assumed the chair of the organization … A coup d’etat against Bolivia and Haiti,” the president said at the televised meeting.

“It is a coup plot, of permanent outrage, the extremist conception has been imposed on the governments of the Latin American right … It is failing,” against the homeland of Bolivar, he added.

He warned that the OAS has become “a tribunal of anti-Venezuelan, anti-Bolivarian inquisition.” He also mentioned that nations of the region are threatened to support the interventionism the right wing holds against the nation, to end the Bolivarian Revolution and with it also to put an end to progressive governments.

“I know that they are under pressure to break relations with Venezuela, many right-wing governments that let themselves be pressured and believe that by submitting to the US State Department’s ruling will achieve divine forgiveness.”

Before the new imperial aggression “Venezuela will be here … always, joined in heart and mind with our people,” stressed the President.

AVN –04/04/2017