Venezuela Defeated US Imperialist Ambitions at OAS

Venezuela won Tuesday a major victory at the Organization of American States (OAS), after not applying the Inter-American Democratic Charter or the interventionist report promoted by the United States and Mexico against the country of Simon Bolivar, said Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro.

“We have won a great victory, neither the Democratic Charter nor the infamous statement of the coalition of countries of right-wing governments were approved. A popular victory for Venezuela. We defeated the State Department, defeated the Mexican Foreign Ministry and the Venezuelan right,” he said at the Miraflores presidential palace in Caracas.

He also praised the role of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Delcy Rodriguez, in defense of the sovereignty and independence of Venezuela, before the constant intrusive attacks.

On the other hand, Venezuela expressed solidarity with El Salvador, the Dominican Republic and Haiti –OAS member states– following the attacks of US Senator, Marco Rubio, who threatened these nations if they voted in favor of Venezuelan democracy at the special meeting of OAS Permanent Council.

“Today, El Salvador, the Dominican Republic and Haiti have made historic speeches in support of the right to peace, independence and rejected any coup against our Venezuela. There is the answer of dignity,” Maduro said.

Even though the Bolivarian Revolution won a victory at the OAS, President Maduro urged the Venezuelan people to remain vigilant in preventing any interventionist attack promoted by the imperial powers.

“The people spoke, what is there to do? Take to the streets, move, fight, that is what must be done to win this battle. They do not want to see that Chavismo, those who love this country is a reality … we are in permanent struggle, we have the moral, the Constitution, the power of the word,” he said.

He further said that Venezuela will take legal actions against OAS Secretary General, Luis Almagro, due to the ongoing campaigns of lies against Venezuelan authorities, including the Executive Vice President, Tareck El Aissami.

AVN –29/03/2017

OAS Fails to Reach Consensus on Venezuela Suspension in Latest Extraordinary Session

Jeanette Charles

The Organization of American States (OAS) extraordinary session came to a close late Tuesday afternoon after hours of debate as member states failed to reach a consensus over Venezuela’s suspension.

Despite OAS Secretary General Luis Almagro’s insistent attempts to push for Venezuela’s expulsion, member-states expressed mixed opinions regarding the application of the regional body’s Democratic Charter against the South American country, and the session ended without a vote.

Tuesday’s meeting commenced with Venezuelan Deputy Foreign Minister Samuel Moncada calling for clarification regarding the validity of the extraordinary session, which Venezuela previously argued represented a violation of the organization’s non-interventionist founding principles.

Bolivia and Nicaragua echoed Venezuela’s condemnation, also requesting to suspend the meeting citing similar concerns over the precedent such a discussion would set for the regional body. Nonetheless, the OAS permanent council approved the discussion, with 20 out of the organization’s 35 member-states voting in favor.

Mexico, Canada, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, United States, and Paraguay actively expressed their support to slap Venezuela with the Democratic Charter throughout the session.

Alternating between English and Spanish, US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for the Western Hemisphere Michael Fitzpatrick advocated for “swift actions”.

“We need to act with urgency and clarity of purpose for indeed, as the saying goes, the whole world is watching,” he said.

“This is an important for the day for the OAS, which is fulfilling its responsibility to safeguard democracy,” he continued.

The US delegate also urged “the Venezuelan government to comply with its constitution and constitutional functions, hold elections as soon as possible and release all political prisoners, including Leopoldo López.”

However, several nations came to Venezuela’s defense expressing solidarity, and emphasizing the need to push forward with dialogue between the government and the opposition in the South American nation. Notably, Caribbean nations such as Dominica, Haiti, Dominican Republic, and Barbados all challenged the call for Venezuela’s suspension.

“Dominica stands in solidarity with the Bolivarian government and people of Venezuela. The resolution needs to be through a dialogue between all parties that respects the sovereignty of Venezuela,” expressed the Caribbean nation’s permanent representative Dennis Moses.

The Dominican Republic’s official delegation referenced the country’s own complicated history with the OAS stating, “What guarantee do we have that if we impose external solutions on Venezuela that we will not have to apologize again in the future?”

Last year, Dominican President Danilo Medina called on the OAS to “pay off its historical debt” for its support of Washington’s 1965 invasion of his nation.

Venezuela’s Moncada also called attention to the hypocrisy of specific OAS member states by citing the inconsistency of political postures and ongoing conflicts in other member states.

As Moncada continued to expose OAS members states’ contradictions, Mexico’s permanent representative to the OAS, Luis Alfonso de Alba Góngora, threatened to abandon the session unless OAS Permanent Council Chair Patrick Andrews of Belize request Moncada “correct” his tone.

While none of the pro-suspension coalition walked out before the meeting was called to order, tensions escalated throughout the remainder of the session.

“What happened yesterday with Marco Rubio threatening member states if they did not agree to suspend Venezuela is serious,” stated Moncada, referring to the Florida Republican senator’s threats to cut aid to Haiti, El Salvador, and the Dominican Republic if they did not vote in favor of the Democratic Charter.

The Venezuelan diplomat also took the opportunity to repudiate a recent US-led statement by 14 countries in the hemisphere demanding snap elections in the South American country.

 “We sincerely believe that Venezuela needs a group [from the OAS mediating elections in our country] as much as Mexico needs that wall,” he said, referencing President Donald Trump’s plans to expand and heighten militarization along the Mexico-U.S. border.

Additionally, Moncada stressed the alleged US role in orchestrating the consistent right-wing attacks against Venezuela.

“This [campaign against Venezuela] is all tied to the US and the State Department. We ask that if the US wants to help they should revoke Obama’s decree and deport all of the criminals here in this country [the United States] that work against our people. That would be a first goodwill step. We reject forcibly what has happened here today and we will fight any attempt to intervene in the affairs of Venezuela,” stated the diplomat.

Moncada closed his speech to a roomful of applause despite being interrupted by Canada’s permanent representative to the OAS, Jennifer May Loten, who denounced allegations that the US rallied support against Venezuela.

In recent weeks, Almagro has repeatedly called to suspend Venezuela from the regional body, blaming the Bolivarian government for frozen talks with the opposition.

However, international mediators have continued to express their support and hope for dialogue among all Venezuelan parties.

Venezuela denounces coup d’etat promoted within OAS

Within the Organization of American States (OAS) imperial factors promote a coup d’etat in Venezuela, denounced the Venezuelan ambassador to this body, Samuel Moncada.

The complaint was made during a special session of the OAS Permanent Council on Tuesday to discuss “internal affairs of Venezuela” carried out without the consent of the oil country (as stipulated by the rules of the body) and in clear violation of the principle of defense of member states’ sovereignty.

“By holding this session it was demonstrated that an act of interference has been carried out without authorization from Venezuela. They are destroying the principle, the legal equality of the States and the defense of sovereignty,” Moncada said.

The countries promoting the meeting (Argentina, Belize, Brazil, Guyana, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, USA, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Barbados, Bahamas, Saint Lucia and Jamaica) delivered a previously prepared document in which they put forward an argument to justify their action: “The OAS is the main forum for solving conflicts in the hemisphere”, as stated in the report by the secretary general of this organization, Luis Almagro.

“I thank all the nations that have constructively participated with the best will, but we categorically and strongly reject the group that participated in the realization of this communique that has no legal justification within the OAS, rather it represents a violation of international law, so we can not recognize them as participants of goodwill, because you with that document are promoting a coup in the country,” Moncada said after delivery of the document.

The Venezuelan diplomat regretted that the US government has pressured OAS members to undertake this interference measure against Venezuela. “A lot of what has happened here is from pressure. If the United States wants to help, they must repeal Barack Obama’s decree,” he said.

After speeches of representatives of member countries, the session ended with the right to speak by the Chair of the Permanent Council, Patrick Andrews, who said that all delegations’ interventions will be included in the final act. Then the session was adjourned.

As in June 2016 (the first session on Venezuela requested by Almagro to interfere in internal affairs), this time there was no activation of the Democratic Charter, nor was there a vote of member countries on the intervention report that Almagro presented in advance to the Permanent Council, with widespread media attention and an aggressive diplomatic offensive undertaken by the United States.

AVN –29/03/2017