Venezuelans Hold Mass Demonstrations to Protest OAS Meeting

Thousands responded to the “Call for the Patria” in massive numbers, all denouncing the interference of the right-wing OAS head Luis Almagro, who has been trying to garner the required votes from the OAS members to suspend Venezuela from the organization.

Thousands lined San Francisco Avenue in Caracas chanting "Leave us in peace."
Thousands lined San Francisco Avenue in Caracas chanting “Leave us in peace.” | Photo: Reagan Des Vignes/Telesur

Venezuelans marched along San Francisco Avenue in Caracas as the OAS held a meeting to discuss the application of the Democratic Charter against Venezuela, where Socialist Party of Venezuela Vice President Diodado Cabello said it “has no meaning because of its illegality, because of the arbitrariness of its convocation.”

Venezuelans continue to denounce Almagro’s right-wing-supported, interventionist calls for the country’s suspension from the OAS. | Photo: Reagan Des Vignes/Telesur

Throughout the march, hundreds helped carry the flag from the Morelos Park, in Bellas Artes, to the corner of San Francisco, in the center of the city, adjacent to the National Assembly | Photo: Reagan Des Vignes/Telesur

This comes a day after Foreign Minister Delcy Rodriguez delivered a tongue-lashing to member states at the OAS headquarters in Washington. She demanded the suspension of the planned meeting. Just two weeks ago, Almagro penned a 75-page letter demanding that the South American nation hold snap elections to remove its current government from office.

Venezuelans echoed the words of their leaders during the march: social groups, public workers and individuals all hit the streets to help carry a massive flag — symbolic of strength, determination and the sense of liberty in the sovereign nation.

Also leading the massive march was PSUV leader Hector Rodriguez, who said, “We are going to defend our land and declare that this is a land of liberators.”

“The millions of us are free. We are demanding to live in peace. And we are going to do it with the leadership of our Nicolas Maduro.” | Photo: Reagan Des Vignes/Telesur

Minister of Communication, Ernesto Villegas, said the anti-imperialist march rejects aggression aimed at Venezuela. He stressed that the call by Luis Almagro is “serious,” and that Maduro’s government sees it as “extremely painful for the fundamental principle of the sovereignty of the motherland.”

Reagan Des Vignes/Telesur