Attacks Against Venezuela Seek to Destroy Sovereignty and Democratic Model

Caracas, 28 Mar. AVN.

The attacks and interventionist maneuvers conceived by external factors and supported by the national right, against the Venezuelan state have as their sole purpose to end the democratic model that seeks independence and self-determination of peoples, promoted by the Bolivarian Revolution, said Venezuela’s foreign minister Delcy Rodriguez on Monday.

In her speech at the Permanent Council of the Organization of American States (OAS), the representative of the Bolivarian diplomacy defended Venezuela’s right to move, in peace and with sovereignty, to a more just and inclusive society, and denounced the ongoing attack and harassment of which Venezuela’s socialist model is a fundamental target, such as the campaigns undertaken by OAS Secretary General, Luis Almagro, who –she stressed– has dedicated his administration to obsessively attacking Venezuela and its people.

She said that persistent onslaughts against Venezuela, result from political and economic interests of centers of international power, that see the democratic model of social justice and true regional integration promoted by the Venezuelan Government as a threat.

“The Bolivarian project, with its independence roots that gave rise to it, stands as a real threat to this organization (OAS). Today it is not intended to punish or penalize Venezuela, but to seek the disappearance of this model, which seeks to defend sovereignty, democracy exercised directly by the people, independence and self-determination of peoples, inclusive social justice and international solidarity as a demonstration of relationships among states,” said Rodriguez at the session, broadcast by Telesur TV channel.

Rivalry of two models

During her speech, the minister stressed that with the plan to end the democratic and social justice model in Venezuela, it is intended to advance the interests of world economic power, managed by financial monopolies imposing economic measures on sovereign states and setting up neoliberal governments in some Latin American countries. OAS Secretary General has lent himself to this end, since he took office in May 2015.

Rodriguez denounced that in the face of a large number of abuses and violations of international law committed by the United States of America in the region throughout history, such as coups d’etat and military invasions, the organization has not rendered any judgments.

Almagro, management marked by treason

Likewise, Rodriguez denounced that OAS Secretary General has betrayed with his actions the norms and principles of the Charter of this organization, which establishes that who serves as secretary general must assume it with integrity, independence and impartiality. Contrary to this mandate, he has placed himself at the service of the most powerful military power in the world, the United States, and therefore, has stood against the sovereign peoples.

An example is that Almagro has violated Article 1 of the OAS Charter, which states that this body “has no powers other than those expressly conferred upon it by this Charter, none of whose provisions authorizes it to intervene in matters that are within the internal jurisdiction of the Member States.”

In addition, Almagro has violated Article 118, which states that OAS Secretariat personnel “shall not seek or receive instructions from any Government or from any authority outside the Organization. However, quite the reverse happened in each of his trips,” she said.

In this regard, the diplomat also denounced that in all the trips made by the Secretary General since taking office, he spoke in each one against the Bolivarian Government. He has also devoted 21% of his Twitter messages to the international campaign against Venezuela for two years, and as part of his campaign, “he has become an activist against dialogue in Venezuela,” she warned.

She also announced that if these aggressions and harassment persist against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, they “will take severe and definitive actions”.

Permanent evaluation

Foreign Minister said that given this serious scenario, Venezuela requests a meeting of the OAS Permanent Council to evaluate the actions of the secretary general, Luis Almagro, as well as the use of the resources of the General Secretariat of the organization.

It is also expected in this meeting to evaluate and discuss the situation of migrants in the United States; as well as ratify the solidarity and support for the people of Peru, which has been hit by heavy rains.

Likewise, it will be a space to debate on global warming and compliance with the peace agreements in Colombia.

AVN –28/03/2017