Deep State in Haiti: Assassinations and the Quiet Genocide of the Poor

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The original article published yesterday (and intact with links below) was in an email from Èzili Dantò. Today’s update is taken from her article which appears on her website at this link. Both will remain.


The deep state creates a script for the unsuspecting public to play out. They rule through fear and by creating crisis after crisis while, behind the curtain, Haiti resources are carted out without interruption.

At the moment, it seems that powerful colonial forces are revving up instability ahead of the April 11 vote to stop President Donald Trump and Nikki Haley from forcing the UN presence out of Haiti. The orchestrated violence gives the UN, rogue CIA and US military industrial complex and intelligence agencies reasons to persuade Trump to not veto the extension but continue the Clinton status quo in Haiti.

Haiti police dispute there was an attempt on Aristide’s life. But see the video below that is circulating on social media purporting to show the Martelly-Moise’s Haiti police, from the BIM unit (Motorized Intervention Brigade), seemingly caught shooting at former President Aristide’s motorcade, injuring two people… This Black bloodshed is the Euro-White settler’s sacrifices – indeed their Voodoo! (not our Vodun) – so that the usual parasitic oligarchs may extort more US taxpayer and International corporate funds. They’ll cut off the usual piece to pay their Deep State jackals while letting the local Martelly-Moise technocrats lap up the trickle down millions. The public will be sold a “law and order” script on the old colonial pretext that the predators are bringing “security and stability” to Haiti? Let’s hope that old dog can no longer hunt.

Stay alive Ayisyen. You are alone, but you’re enough. Stay away from large crowds at least until after the April 11 vote. This is not about Haiti human rights or sovereignty, but the continued violation of it by PHTK and Kenneth Merten‘s own Gang Galil. (Fault Lines – Haiti By Force: UN Sex Abuse promo.)

Tande, lan ti tan saa, se Nèg e Nègès ki pran maronnaj kap viv. Rete lakay nou. Pa bay malfektè PKTK-Kenneth Merten yo chans pou tuye nou. Pa gen anyen laa pou nou sove sof lavi nou.

— Èzili Dantò of HLLN and Free Haiti Movement, March 21, 2017

Deep State Manipulations in Haiti

By Èzili Dantò

Besides the inexplicable burning down of the Croix Bossales and LaSaline market places, today former president Jean Bertrand Aristide was shot at and at least two people standing in front of his motorcade were hit.

Image result for assassination attempt on aristide in haiti

Aristide survived the assassination attempt. But these pointed violences, just a few weeks before the UN rules on extending its mission in Haiti are routine.

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“At least two people were injured after shots were fired at a motorcade carrying former Haitian president Jean-Bertrand Aristide in Port-au-Prince Monday in an apparent assassination attempt.” – Shots fired at former President of Haiti Aristide

Image result for assassination attempt on aristide in haiti

The same foreign colonial forces that put in puppet president Jovenel Moise are continually manipulating the violence levels in Haiti to perpetuate their presence and colonial interests in Haiti. (See Barbarians Inside and at Haiti Gates: Israeli HLSI and Eva Peled; New Rochambeau Expedition to Haiti For Donald Trump led by Kenneth Merten and Haiti Can’t Seem to Disengage from “Henchman” Merten.)

U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres recommended the Haiti UN mission “be extended for a final period of six months” after its current mandate expires on April 15, 2017. The U.N. Security Council is expected to decide on whether to extend the Haiti mission on April 11. So, of course, weeks before this critical vote and with a new President in the White House who wants to cut back on UN peacekeeping expenditures, the violence in Haiti increases. There’s ample evidence of this  pattern since the UN got to the foreign cash cow that’s called “Haiti.”

The timing of the whole increased “insecurity in Haiti”,  so soon after the rigged elections and the carnival, are orchestrated to rile up the people and set them up for more genocide by US-UN trained police if not the US-Euro colonial forces in UN and HLSI uniforms. The alphabet guys and Kenneth Merten are aiming to keep the UN or another version of these foreign militaries in Haiti. They are angling to prolong the MINUSTAH aka TOURISTAH’s vacation to maintain the colonial status quo.  (See L’ONU propose une nouvelle mission en Haïti and U.N. secretary general: Time for peacekeeping mission in Haiti to end)

The Haiti oligarch already have tons of private military security contractors to watch over the plundered lands they helped take from the traumatized (earthquake-cholera-fake election-ravaged) Haiti peoples under Obama through Michel Martelly’s decrees and the Clintons’ “earthquake relief” initiatives. But the alphabet guys want their own mercenary crews also. Trump is threatening to cut back on USAID funding and UN mission funding.

The Israeli (HLSI)/Mossad-CIA contract to built nine custom ports in Haiti and do surveillance was set up by powerful people.

The Israeli (HLSI)/Mossad-CIA contract to built nine custom ports in Haiti and do surveillance was set up by powerful people who, with Digicel telecom and the Bigio, Apaid, Boulos, Abdullah oligarchs, made sure to put a criminal parliament and Jovenel Moise into power against the will of the Haiti majority. They are NOT going to let Jovenel Moise’s illegitimate government fall, no matter what they say to the contrary to Washington. It took these predators more than three years to put Jovenel Moise in power. The rumor that Jovenel Moise and his new PM Guy Lafontant are useless and will fall before the year is out, is just another means to manipulate President Donald Trump into financing the Kenneth Merten-Clinton ilks and more military into Haiti.

Jovenel Moise, the used car parts salesman and water peddler was built-up by Antonia Sola’s PR firm as a big banana exporter. This lie is lifted for all to see now that Moise is president.

The immorality and criminality of the Haitians in politics, in its Parliament, the schooled Diaspora that supports them and the Middle Eastern oligarchs which upholds this deprave carnival is simply unspeakable (See Ou est passée la plantation de banane susceptible d’exporter des bananes en Allemagne de ” l’Homme banane ” fait président par la CI ? Une savane désolée selon un reportage… (mis à jour

The situation is terrible. Haiti is saddled with un-elected and illegitimate rulers. Martelly and his crew cleaned out the treasury and left a nearly $2billion PetroCaraibe debt owed to Venezuela and the state cannot even pay the interests on this debt. There are airport, hospitals and teachers’ strikes , because state employees have not been paid for months. The misery, unrest and general dissatisfaction was to be expected.

The Clinton-Obama-Merten crew set it up with the deep state in order to further kill more innocent Haitians. Everyone in Haiti knows who the money launderers and drug traffickers are because they hold high political positions.  But, what folks must understand is that no matter what the money laundering Haitian tokens are doing, it’s NOTHING compared to the CIA-covert operation-drug trafficking uses of Haiti for the global military intelligence complex. Haiti is the place the deep state stash the families of the Christian Arabs who they use to create instability in the Middle East Muslim countries. Haiti is the space where Acra’s cocaine shiploads and unexposed others make tons of monies for the CIA/DEA deep-state operations to conduct their wars in Libya, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, to name a few. No Haitian is more corrupt then their handlers. (Indicted money laundering, drug trafficker Guy Philippe’s current pleadings where he accuses the CIA of getting him into the drug business is a case in point.)

Looking at the most recent public strikes at the airport, by the unpaid teachers and doctors, today’s assassination attempt on Aristide and yesterday’s burning down of the poor market women marketplaces (notice it’s not the Bigio or Mevs businesses in Site Soley that are burned down, but the poorest of the poor’s commercial spaces), but if you know the routine of the alphabet guys in Haiti, you’ll understand that they rule through crisis after crisis.

These handlers want to create more insecurity to manipulate Trump into sending troops to Haiti or increasing the UN troops there more visibly…. I say the US put Jovenel Moise in, let them do what’s necessary for the people to have some peace. Bigio, Digicel, Mevs should pay the teachers, doctors and airport personnel that Martelly left empty handed. For if Trump takes the bait and sends more corrupt deep state CIA/DEA and military into Haiti, he will cast himself into the same role as the status quo he replaced and probably be a one term president. This won’t help the American working class nor the Haiti working classes.President Preval just died unexpectedly. It’s a good thing that former President Jean Bertrand Aristide survived this assassination attempt.

Be on guard Haitians. This current government is not ours and no Haitian life should be sacrificed to bring in more foreign military to kill Haitians. Stay alive.

Ayisyen. Sove tèt nou. Pran yon ti chez pou gade. Kite kriminèl yo tiye tèt yo poukont yo. Chanjman ap rive. Ginen poze.

♫♫Boukman o nan Bwa Kayiman
Nou lonmen non w
Nou pa denounen w, nan Bwa Kayiman
Papa Boukman o, nou wè ase
Papa Boukman o, nou rive nan tobout o
Peyi nou divize, lafanmi doz-a-do.
Nou pa te fè Bwa Kayiman
Pou n sèvi etranje.♫♫