Important Notice to Readers of Jamahiriya News Agency and Viva Libya

Dear Readers,

I posted notice that I have ceased publication on Jamahiriya News Agency and Viva Libya because the official state news agency has been restored and is fully operational.

During the six years that I covered essential developments in the country from the perspective of those loyal to the Al Fateh Revolution, I was honored to be entrusted with the task of covering for JANA during her tragic absence.

Empire’s notorious strategies include setting up shadow state substitutes for the genuine and promoting them as authentic. Therefore it is imperative that people refer to the legitimate, official JANA and make it widely known that it has returned.

The news agency was resurrected, restored and is administered by members of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Libya. Its reemergence is a sign of great hope and a vital  indicator of the progress made in the struggle for liberation. (See: Extraordinary Developments in the Struggle for the Liberation of Libya)

Be assured I am not abandoning the cause. I am deeply committed to it.

I will publish updates on developments in Libya on this website, which I will author. As always, my sources will continue to be the people exclusively, and my role is most accurately described as that of an interpreter of their narrative, transmitting their message to Western readers…not my personal opinions. I will continue to include links that refer back to the original statements of the Libyan people (in Arabic), the Resistance, the Tribes, the Libyan National Army, and all legitimate bodies that work as one towards the liberation of the nation, the eradication of terrorism, freedom for prisoners of war, restoration of sovereignty and the rule of law, reconstruction, peace and national healing.

In eternal revolutionary solidarity,
Alexandra Valiente