In Venezuela Neither the CNN nor Trump, nor Felipe González, nor Aznar Shall Pass

By Carlos Aznárez

Source: teleSUR

The global right will not give a break to Venezuela’s Bolivarian Revolution. The past week has been a clear example that in this fourth generation war, launched from the nest of the imperial West, no efforts are spared to discredit, corner and try to overthrow the legitimate government of Nicolás Maduro (always without success).

Again, the repeated and known unsettling instruments used by CNN’s mediatic terrorists were surfaced, as it happened at its moment when the Chain managed by Time Warner behaved as the flagship of the Iraq and Afghanistan invasions, or, going back in time a little further, when it created the conditions to overthrow Salvador Allende’s government in Chile.

CNN is like Coke, symbol of the brutal American cultural invasion, and as such it uses interfering arguments to distort information in order to generate uncomfort and discouragement in the public opinion. When they can not manipulate, they directly create situations and victims where there only are criminals or provocateurs, and end up converting into heroes those who should be imprisoned. That is how the channel operated this last days, by launching the poisonous “breaking news” about the “selling of Venezuelan passports” to alleged Middle East terrorists.

From an intentional and perverse point of view, the American chain created the context to present an explosive cocktail: an alleged former Venezuelan official of the country’s embassy at Iraq, Misael López, offered himself to testify against the Bolivarian Government. So, like in a bad Hollywood series, ISIS’s terrorists appeared buying visas and passports for 15 thousand dollars, while a CNN “journalist” asked with a serious tone: “Would you be surprised if anywhere around the globe a terrorist attack is perpetrated and attacker is in possession of a Venezuelan passport?”. And of course, as an add-on, the vice president of Venezuela, Tarek El Aissami, was also involved, who in the last days was pointed out in Washington as a person with linkages with drug trafficking.

What CNN did not say was unveiled by the Bolivarian chancellor Delcy Rodríguez, stating that Misael López is an impostor that tried to smuggle money from Iraq illegally by taking the identity of an Venezuelan official. Besides, he is also processing the Spanish nationality and he even has a reputation for being a sex offender, explicitly denounced by an employee in the Baghdad embassy. Meaning, that we are talking about a colleague of Leopoldo López and he is not looking to hide it, since in his facebook we can see him in photos with López’s wife, Lilíana Tintori and with the lawyer of the Voluntad Popular leader, Ana Argotti. It is all served so that whoever wants to typify Misael, shows him as an “agent” of the usual imperialist forces, and that is why he is currently hiding at Miami, where else would he hide? But, of course, this information does not qualify for CNN as “moral” and “informative”.

From another similar source, but this time European, the genocidal José María Aznar and the creator of the Deaths Squad that murder Basque militants, Felipe González, joined the campaign that claims the suspension of Venezuela from OEA because of the “political prisoners”. This two characters who should have been judged for serial killing by the Hague Tribunal, assembled with the worst of the worst to do their claim: like Albert Rivera, the leader of the rightist party “Ciudadanos”, Juan Luis Cebraín, president of the administration council at Group Prisa (owner of “El País” newspaper), Alberto Ruíz-Gallardón, former rightist mayor of Madrid, Javier Solana, former chief of NATO (known as “Baghdad’s Butcher”) and Leopoldo López senior, who complained about the “dungeon” in which the Caracas’s despots are holding his son. The great problem about this “democrats” is that their desperately looking for a protagonic role they do not longer have in their countries, where Aznar and González, are still considered explicit symbols of corruption, torture and death.

Besides all these attacks, it is indisputable that in Venezuela the people rules and not the friends of Obama and Trump, two faces of the same coin of the imperialist aggression. Furthermore, CNN is no longer in the air for a government decision, something that those who truly defend free speech celebrate so that the journalistic profession does not get filthier with the franchises of mediatic terrorism. That is how you rule when a subversive plan onslaughts day after day against a country.

Even though the owners of the big hegemonic medias, grouped on the SIP, complain, or even if the supreme leader at the White House threats with more sanctions towards Venezuela if they do not free Leopoldo López, “Venezuela must be respected” like Hugo Chávez used to claim. In that path of overwhelming acting, the Motherland of Bolívar and Zamora shall still collect the solidarity of those that in Latin America do not let themselves intoxicate by the lies nor fall back upon the threats. Against this indestructible brotherhood, neither CNN, nor Aznar and González, and least of all Trump, shall overcome.