Front 33 of the FARC-EP Arrives in “caño indio” Despite Paramilitary Threat

Frente 33 de las FARC llega a Caño Indio pese a amenaza paramilitar
In the middle of paramilitary threats, but also of community support, guerrilla troops from the Front 33 of the FARC managed to reach the Transitional Local Zone for Normalization of Caño Indio in the department of Norte de Santander, where these troops will begin their process of reincorporation to civilian life.

In addition to the situation of insecurity, Pastor Alape of the FARC-EP, said that the government once again failed to guarantee the necessary conditions for the guerrillas to settle in that area. Despite this inconvenience, the organization reaffirmed its will to continue with the reincorporation process. “Indeed there is nothing built, the troops are organizing where to locate, looking for water and despite all this situation they maintain their will and spirit to comply with what was agreed and to overcome the adversities that have been derived by non-compliance and the government’s lack of agility”.

A total of 598 persons composed of 268 armed guerrillas and 330 militiamen arrived to this Transitional Local Zone for Normalization. The FARC caravan was surrounded by approximately 1,000 peasants who demanded the government to provide life guarantees to the communities and the presence of the Armed Forces. The government’s response was to deny the paramilitary siege that villagers of the area have been denouncing.

On Friday 10th and Saturday 11th of February, 200 people had moved to the municipality of Jesus Maria Semprúm in Venezuela, while two commissions made up of 500 peasants and 30 communal action councils collected the denounces made by the inhabitants regarding threats made by paramilitary group “Aguilas Negras” (Black Eagles), which stated that “they had arrived into the region in order to occupy the territory that the FARC-EP left and that anyone who was not want to work with them [paramilitaries] could leave the region”.

Caño Indio was the last point of concentration confirmed after reaching agreements with the community regarding a plan for the eradication of illicit crops. At the moment, the process of arrival of the FARC into Transitional Local Zones for Normalization has been 95% completed.

Source: Contagio Radio
Translated by FARC-EP