The “Battle of Stalingrad” Will Take Place in Ecuador

Atilio Borón

On Sunday 19 a lovely and beautiful country of South America will be the scenery of a decisive “battle of Stalingrad”. The Russian city is remembered as the place where World War II had its decisive turnaround. If Stalingrad felt, allied forces would have been destroyed by the Nazi army, however if the city could resist the onslaught, as it did, Hitler’s troops would never recover and would head to their inexorable defeat. American propaganda claims that World War’s key battle was on Normandy, but the Hollywood’s inventive does not resist the confrontation against hard fact. In the Russian city the fate of World War II was decided, as it also started the counter offensive of the Red Army that managed to get to the hard core of the Nazi regime: Berlin.

The continental right, aware that with a defeat of Alianza País at Ecuador they would have free hands to asphyxiate Bolivia and provoke new a new version in Venezuela of “the colour Revolutions” -like the bloody episodes occurred at Libya and Ukraine-, stepped hard upon Ecuador with their activists, spokespersons and journalists to start and deepen a disinformation war, with lie propagation and incomprehensible accusations against the government to induce suspicious and disenchantment in the population. The exclusive objective: avoiding that Lenin Moreno, Alianza País candidate, reaches the 40% of the votes and therefore, with a difference of 10% against his immediate competitor, be chosen as the new president. To fulfill this dark duty, Washington and Madrid sent an army of pseudo-journalists, a venomous media group that with their work has taken a similar part in the recent elections of Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, and that also has cleared the path to the illegal destitution of Dilma Rousseff in Brazil. This subjects hide their true condition of paid militants of the right (by the way, really well paid, because they do not work for free!) and their unscrupulous and audacity is unlimited. In his revealing book, the former CIA agent, John Perkins, talks about the insensitivity in which the most terrible crimes were orchestrated and executed without any moral repair on Langley’s emitted instructions. In the same way, the communicational crimes of the media scoundrels are even more severe, because of their massive destruction nature. The CIA “killers” choose their victims selectively; media terrorism mortally hurts the conscience of millions and induce them, with their lies and sophisticated manipulations, into choosing governments that will apply a slow and silent genocide of the poor, the indigenous, the old and the young people lacking education and jobs. To sum up, finishing with all the “surplus” population that according to the elites is the scourge that prevented Latin American or Caribbean countries to be like Suiza, Germany or even the United States. In the times of the Argentinean last civic-military dictatorship, their spokesmen claimed that in the country was an excess of over 10 million people, a thought that remains in the actual government, only that it is not of public knowledge and that number may be probably higher. And the same case we have heard in Brazil, Colombia, and may other countries of our America.

What the media scoundrels has done in all of these countries opposes to every ethic, not just journalistic ethic. In the Argentinean case the lie was evident when claiming that the accusation towards candidate Mauricio Macri for telephones tappings did not soiled his good name and honor or even disabled his presidential candidature. And once installed at the Pink House (Argentine’s House of Government) his immorality was potentiated by the media shielding occurred, besides being involved in several phantom companies denounced in the Panama Papers and in the Bahamas archives, when in other regions it caused the resignation of several chiefs of state and state officials accused of money laundering and tax evasion.

This plague is now acting in Ecuador, hiding its true objectives under the label of “independent journalism”. Washington trained “professionals” (in the famous “Good Practices” courses), well instructed in the formulation of tricky/leading questions, in spreading discouragement and in boosting the problems that the administration of Rafael Correa faces and stumbles upon, that like any government, has a success and failures mix. This has its genesis in the radical involutive transformation of the nature and function of journalism. Its nature: due to the transformation of the pluralism of media to the phenomenal concentration that exists nowadays. Its function: if in the past journalism was the dispositive that allowed the spreading of information in the just born mass society, nowadays, with the crisis of the capitalist dominance produced by the emergent irruption of rights fighting movements – farmer, indigenous, student, women, young, ecologist, human rights defendants, workers, etc- its function changed radically. In the absence of competitive right parties (used to achieved power through military coups), hegemonical mass media has taken that place, a phenomena early detected by Antonio Gramsci in his writings from jail. In the absence of such parties, media takes their places and exercise the function that was theirs: to organize, educate, and mobilize great sectors of our communities, always behind a conservative program conveniently sweetened, but without arising the suspicious that advocate activism constructs because in the public imagination the press is independent and immune to political interests and intrigues. That media became a formidable weapon of bourgeois domination was witnessed some years ago by a senior Pentagon officer when, in a hearing before the United States Senate, he issued a fateful warning: “in our day, the anti-subversive struggle is fought in the media, not in the jungles or in the decadent suburbs of the Third World”. And the progressive and leftist governments of Latin America, even the most moderate, are all perceived as ladinos and arrogant instruments of subversion.

That is why we are at war, Ecuador is at war. A silent but violent war; a war of disinformation, of concealment, of skillfully made lies and that are sold under the disguise of objectives and irrefutable truths. The goal is to distort the perception of reality to generate an unconscious citizen response that stigmatizes the AP candidate and disqualify the ten years of Rafael Correa’s government. Hide or, when this is not possible, minimize all the good that has been done and maximize and crush every day, hour after hour, minute after minute, the supposed “failures” of the outgoing government, its problems or its mistakes. That omits to allude to the devastating impact that on the macroeconomic conduction causes the lack of a currency of its own in Ecuador, depriving the government of being able to appeal to an instrument such as monetary policy. This is left at the hands of Washington, which devalues or revalues the dollar without paying attention to its consequences for countries where, like Ecuador and El Salvador, anti patriotic governments and surrenderers adopted the American currency sign. Or by neglecting that a country like Ecuador has an export profile similar to that of its neighbors Colombia and Peru, both of which have become docile pieces of the imperial interests to which they are formally linked by separate FTAs, and that objectively places Ecuador in disadvantage in international markets. Or by holding back from the eyes of public opinion the devastating impact of the collapse of commodity prices, a fatality in which no government has mechanisms to reverse. All these considerations, that a rigorous journalistic information should objectively expose to its audience, are maliciously discarded and instead slander and defamation are proliferated. Truth does not matter anymore, but only the “pos truth” an euphemism created by the media power to justify their lies and the effects they pursue with them. The recent complaint against AP vice-presidential candidate Jorge Glas, is an example of what we have been saying. It is an operation that in Latin America has been repeated until tiredness in recent times, with local adaptations to give them a certain verisimilitude. This type of lies and falsehoods were used massively at the presidential campaign of Argentina in 2015 and against Evo Morales in the Bolivian referendum of 2016. And it is common currency in the attack on the government of Nicolás Maduro in the last three years. Nothing new.

It is what in the CIA is known as “standard operating procedures” (SOP), when it comes to destabilizing a government or discrediting a candidate or formula that is seen as a threat to the interests of the United States and the vernacular right. This media carrion is a worthy heiress of Joseph Goebbels, who was Minister for Public Enlightenment and Propaganda of the Nazi regime. With an extenuation: at least the German explicitly stated that they were doing propaganda; their current pawns, instead, pose as “objective and independent journalists” but what they do is lie, defame and stain the dignity of the victims of their work. Through this war of disinformation, it is a matter of presenting the opposition as democratic and even “progressive” in order to deceive the electorate and end the work begun a decade ago and to change, for good, the social physiognomy of Ecuador. If these agents of deceit and lies were to get away with it and get the people to open the doors to the right, the social, economic and cultural setback that this South American country would suffer would be immense. To this involution would be added a chastisement lesson, so that Ecuadorians will never again have a government like the one of Rafael Correa. A government that still today rejects with humanistic and with patriotic values the intense pressures of the empire to put an end to the political asylum granted to a personage like Julian Assange, that with its revelations through Wikileaks allowed the world to see how Washington lies to us, monitors and extorts our governments through thousands of tentacles. If Alianza Pais was defeated no one would give a cent for the life of that brave fighter who along with Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning uncovered the curtain that hid the manipulations and crimes of the empire. And the base of Manta would again be occupied by the American troops.

For the skeptics, for those who believe that we are exaggerating, it is enough to examine what happened in Argentina, where the deception induced by the “independent journalism” made possible the triumph of the current government and the unleashing of the current economic debacle: uncontrolled inflation, brutal wage deterioration, closure of factories and shops, massive layoffs, rising unemployment and exorbitant increases in electricity, gas, water and transport prices. The media oligarchy was a very powerful instrument at the service of monopolies and wealthy and privileged sectors. That is why we insist on the urgent need for Ecuadorians to stand up to the mermaid song of these “pseudo-journalists”, turn a deaf ear to their preaching about the need for change and look to the South, see what is happening in Argentina and what is hidden under the innocent invocation to change. In their ingenuity and lack of political awareness millions of people in Argentina believed in the promise of change -without asking themselves what, how, in what direction and under what leadership- to meet in a glimpse, the midst of a shipwreck. The government of Rafael Correa may have incurred in mistakes, like many others in this world. In fifty years as professional in politics, I could never find a single government that was free of defects, mistakes and even variable levels of corruption. If, according to Pope Francis, these problems afflicted even the Vatican – which, as Machiavelli recalled, was the closest thing to a perfect State because it enjoyed the direct protection of God – it would be absurd to think that Ecuador could be free of these vices. The difference is that in this country the government itself denounces them, while in other South American countries governments cover up and provide legal and media protection to the corrupt. The case of Brazil is of an unequaled eloquence in this regard. To conclude: given the balance that each citizen must make, it will not doubt to conclude that the successes of the Ecuadorian government in the last ten years, both nationally and internationally, far exceed the mistakes in which it has incurred. And that is the vital point of the matter and the reason why, throughout Latin America, we hope that the Ecuadorian people will vote for the continuity of the government of Alianza País and refrain from taking a leap in the void like the one given by the Argentineans induced by the evil of the media plague that devastates Ecuador today.