NATO’s Disrespect of Libyan Sovereignty Continues

Alexandra Valiente
Jamahiriya News Agency

Jens Stoltenberg met with Fayez al-Sarraj at NATO Headquarters today where Stoltenberg offered support to the reprobate UN-US-NATO imposed “government of accord” (OS). The proposed intervention included building military institutions and an intelligence apparatus, with the unstated objective of completing Libya’s destruction as a sovereign nation.

(See the official NATO propaganda  statement at the end of the article)

The Libyan people continue to reject all forms of interventionism and fiercely protest the presence of NATO, foreign battleships, foreign troops and embassies in Libyan territory.

To their own detriment, NATO, the United Nations and imperialist nations maintain their flagrant disregard for both international law and the will of the Libyan people, denying the reality that they have a legitimate, elected government (House of Representatives – Tobruk), a legitimate army, military and civilian intelligence and law enforcement. The Libyan Tribes repeatedly state that they support these institutions and recognize no other.

The Libyan Popular National Movement pointed out today that Libya was a fully functioning state before the NATO 2011 war against the nation and was an essential partner in both the establishment and maintenance of international peace and security.

They invited the United Nations and the international community to acknowledge this truth and to concede that all arguments for intervention in Libya, regardless of the pretext (terrorism, illegal immigration, drug trade, smuggling) are mere pretenses. The blame for the tragedy that has befallen Libya must be borne by those who orchestrated it.  Further intervention by these criminal perpetrators is not a solution.

Sirte before NATO’s 2011 bombing campaign

Sirte 2011
ctyrf3pxgaqtsbtSirte 2016

Infrastructure destroyed: Sewage lakes in Al-Jadeed, Sebha 2016

No organization or nation that invested in the destruction of Libya could  be trustworthy participants in its reconstruction.

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Today’s meeting took place against the backdrop of another Libyan National Army victory – the  liberation of Ganfouda.
The Libyan Army’s persistent success and strong base of national support are threatening NATO plans to destroy the army and replace the legitimate institution with the “national guard” created by Abdul Hakim Belhadj and Khaled Al Sharif, which is comprised of LIFG, al Qaeda and Daesh militias operating under the Libya Dawn umbrella.

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NATO, in its hubris, will continue to press for the complete subjugation of not only Libya, but all of Africa, endeavoring to roll back every gain made on behalf of the people by Muammar Al Qaddafi.

Yet, since 2011, Libya has never been as united in purpose as it is today.  While there is much to be done, it is no longer unrealistic or impossible to perceive how close NATO is to being defeated in Libya.

While support from Russia is beneficial, it is crucial that the entire world recognize that all military and political progress thus far has been made by Libyans alone, working as one against tyranny, terrorism and foreign occupation.

To this end, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Libya initiated the next phase in the process of national healing as all components of the Libyan Resistance and the Libyan Tribes embrace the movement and its leader, Saif Al Islam Qaddafi, pledging their allegiance to him as their rightful leader, placing themselves under a single central command.

Extraordinary Developments in the Struggle for the Liberation of Libya


NATO Joint Press Statement

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