Colombia: Paramilitaries Threaten Residents Near Normalization Zone


Public Denunciation

All of the members of the 18 Front of the FARC-EP are committed with the implementation of the Final Agreement for the Termination of the Conflict and the Construction of a Stable and Lasting Peace. Our unwavering will and commitment to peace as well as that of the FARC-EP as a whole is asserted through the national outcry for peace that is being expressed throughout the country.

However, the government’s commitment is not being shown through actions that aim towards the implementation of [peace] agreements in terms of security guarantees for communities in the different zones of the country. In the municipalities of Ituango, Peque, Tarazá in the department of Antioquia and in the south of the department of Cordoba, there are sustained threats by paramilitary groups against the inhabitants of these regions without any action on part of the army and police against these structures.

In the municipality of Ituango, communities reported on December 24, 2016 that these paramilitary groups threaten political leaders, merchants, drivers, farmers and peasants, but have not seen any concrete actions by government in order for this not to happen, for example: as a measure to these denounces, the police publicly neared the Santa Ana rural settlement without the operational techniques for the surprise effect to occur, allowing paramilitaries to find out with anticipation and change their location to another place less than a kilometer away.

The paramilitary leaders are mobilized in vans without any inconvenience in and out of the urban area of Ituango, Santa Rita, La Granja, Piscina del Rio, Bajo Inglés, El Amparo, Santa Ana, Chontaduro, Pascuitá, Los Chorros, La Batalla and La Vega del Inglés. They threaten residents though their criminal route along the rural settlements of Alto San Jorge, Rio Sucio, Leones and Santa Rita.

In November 2016, 40 paramilitaries entered the Monte Blanco sector of the Valdivia and Genoa Municipality, and passed through each rural settlement threatening the inhabitants. In response to these allegations, the army carried out a public movement along these same rural settlements and allowed for the paramilitaries to move towards the Rayo rural settlement.

During the month of January, 2017, they have carried out sustained threats while remarking that they will exercise control over all activities performed by the population in the following rural settlements of the Ituango and Valdivia municipalities […]

The presence of these groups is constant from the border of Playa Rica to Puquí in the municipality of Valdivia, under the command of Ramiro, with the already mentioned threats and adding on that anyone that participates with the peace process with the FARC will be killed. This same threat is made in La Caucana and El Guáimaro municipality of Tarazá.

We call on the international community in general and in particular the accompanying and guarantor countries and international organizations of Havana agreements, the National Government, human rights organizations and the different social forces in order to firmly stand against these groups that jeopardize the peace process. We demand security guarantees in order for the implementation of agreements to be accomplished without any problem.


Comandante Efraín Guzman Bloc