FARC-EP: Central High Command Goes into Plenary Session

A plenary session of the FARC-EP is where all the high commands of the organization gather and discuss the political context and take decisions regarding the political line, the strategy and the organization itself. In this occasion, the plenary session will take place in the Yarí Savannas, located in the southern part of the country.

In times of war, these plenary sessions had to be done clandestinely in the midst of confrontations and war dynamics; the effect is that these plenary sessions could not be done more frequently, however, in the current context in which there is a bilateral ceasefire and in which a peace agreement has been signed, the FARC-EP has better conditions to carry out these type of events in order to advance in its political path and objectives.

Currently, 31 members of the FARC-EP compose the Central High Command, which will discuss the political future of the organization, the current stage and actions towards the implementation of peace agreements and further advance in the political line and proposals for a New Colombia that the FARC-EP will present to the country.

On interview with NC Noticias, Timochenko, Commander-in-chief of the FARC-EP explained that this plenary session was a scheduled task agreed in the 10th Conference of the FARC-EP, held in September, 2016, and that the idea is to broaden the leadership of the organization and integrate 20 more members into it, since “there is a lot of work to be done” in the current political context of transition into a legal political party based on the guarantees and compliance of all parties of the conflict in the Peace Agreement signed last year.

Furthermore, Timochenko expressed the organizations´ commitment to peace and that this plenary session aims at strengthening the organizations´ leadership in order to fulfill its commitments with peace and create the conditions for the constitutive congress of the new political party, the new organization and movement that will arise from the transit of the FARC-EP to civilian life.