Olivia Cáceres Announces Candidacy for Deputy of Honduran Opposition

Source: criterio.hn
Translated By Sara DeLorenzo
Hija de Berta Cáceres busca diputación

Olivia Marcela Zúniga Cáceres, oldest daughter of the deceased environmentalist and indigenous leader, Berta Cáceres, announced last Thursday night that she will seek a candidacy as deputy to the Honduran Parliament for the opposition Liberty and Refoundation Party.

“We began to fight from one more trench: the electoral one. We begin this path with our heads held high and with the spirit full of dignity, truth and strength. Let’s win!”, wrote on her Facebook account the young woman from the Western department of Intibucá, land and population that she will try to represent at the National Congress.

Zúniga Cáceres will launch her candidacy in the internal currents of June 28 and “Somos Más” (We are more) and will look for popular support of her neighbors during the internal elections of March 11, 2017, and of being favored with the vote of the electors will go to the general elections in November.

After the crime of her mother last March 3, 2016, Olivia Marcela has not ceased to call for justice to the national and international community, through forums and summits, where the murder of a worldwide winner of the Goldman Prize (2015) was debated.

Berta Cáceres was a Lenca environmental and indigenous rights defender. Her family has publicly denounced as main suspects of the murder the shareholders of the Company DESA (Desarrollos Energéticos S.A) who in 2012 illegally managed to obtain an environmental license for the execution of the hydroelectric project “Agua Zarca” on the Gualcarque River.

The environmental license was granted outside the law because it ignored the 169 Convention of the International Labor Organization (ILO), which established a prior, free and informed consultation. So far, 4 men have been sent to jail for being accused of participating the crime of Berta Cáceres.